Friday, April 11, 2008

Ah. Much better.

Which is a pet phrase of the Goob's. I'm borrowing it.

When I was a kid, in NE Ohio (Stark County, for those of you who know the area), I used to have this weird thing going on where I slept through every February. Twenty hours a day or more, crashed out on any horizontal surface I could find; bed, couch, occasionally floor if I was desperate. My mother took me to doctor after doctor, and I heard theories a-plenty for this odd behavior - mitrol valve prolapse (which I do have but it's no big deal), a 'Mono-like virus', Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Seasonal Affective Disorder, blah blah blah. Between fifth and ninth grade, I think I had every medical test imaginable run on me, and nothing much turned up.

I think I just hate shitty weather.

Anyway, every spring, it's like I wake up and realize the sun's shining and I'm a bundle of energy (okay, maybe a small espresso cup of energy), and suddenly life is good and I wanna do everything. All at once. That day was today.


Got the second sleeve on the Zen Sweater and am now knitting the yoke. I've been taking photos as I go, and at some point soon will do some kind of 'details of percentage sweaters' kind of post, with gory details of what I do to make things go as smoothly as possible.

I'm contemplating a KnittySpin article on beginner spinning, and some of the things I've found helpful as I've learned.

The wool finally got here, and I've already begun spinning the green:

The second photo of it on the bobbin is more accurate in terms of color; the top photo is too bright. It kind of reminds me of malachite. It's another Zen sweater. For someone. Dunno who the victim will be, yet. There's also some white merino, and I'm going to dye it with some easter egg dyes. At that point I'll decide if I'm gonna spin it, or sell it as-is.

And, best of all, I'm making the first pitcher of iced tea of the summer. But not the last. Aaaaaaah.


NeedleTart said...

Oh! Oh,my! Such beautiful yarn! Sigh! I may have to learn to spin.

Amy Lane said...

Such a beautiful yarn... seriously--speaking of zen!!! And I got to see the Goob do Carmen Miranda...cuteness, they name is Goober!

Roxie said...

I look at that cobweb of green edging onto the bobbin, and I think that your next zen sweater is gonna take a LOT longer. Isn't the peacock yarn more of a worsted weight? Very malachite color.

Alwen said...

Oh MAN! Sometimes you put up colors I just want to lie down and roll in like a dog!

(Or a horse -- the only thing funnier than a big dog rolling on its back is watching a ginormous draft horse do it.)