Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had several questions about it. It IS the cabled pattern from "No Sheep for You", but I'm altering it. (As usual.) I'm going to use the cable patterns, but it's for a guy, so I'm using the same saddle-shoulder shaping as I used on the Steeked Jacket and Husbeast Gansey. I'm using Bendigo Woolen Mills (from Australia) eight-ply, on size eight needles. (Is there a law about knitting a pattern from a book about not using wool, with wool?) Mostly I didn't want to work with size three needles, and cotton yarn eats my fingers, and my hands are bothering me enough already.

What I'll probably do for the rest of the year is have one Christmas present and one Zen project on the needles, so I can flip back and forth as I get frustrated. Looking back at my knitting past, I've realized that's the time I'm most productive, when I've got two vastly different projects going and switch back and forth. (Remember the Blue Shimmer and the doily on 0000 needles at the same time? I still can't believe I pulled that off.)

While I was digging through packs of graph paper last night, I found my pattern for the blue and purple mittins. I actually did make up the color pattern myself, so if I get my head together, I'll post it over at Samurai Patterns sometime this coming week.


Jilly Bean said...

I find I tend to work best that way as well, although my system is a little more complicated--- I have to have something big, something small, something simple and something complex. Occasionally I have projects that fit into more than one category, so it saves me from having to keep four projects going all the time.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah-I do the same thing--a pair of socks on 1s, and a large scale worsted summat on 6-8s...