Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some break.

The worst thing about working from home, I've found, is that you're always at work. Yesterday I vowed to take a day off and do nothing but sloth and gluttony all day. I did all right on the gluttony (lots of chocolate and French bread and cheese), but I blew it on the sloth. Not only did I knit most of the day (that's all right, it was another zen project), but I found myself dyeing wool and spinning at eleven last night, wondering what in hell happened.

So, anyway, here's the day that wasn't a break, in photos.

The Goob and I spent most of the day on the back porch. We put water in the one side of her sand table, and she had a wonderful time making an unholy mess of everything.

Not a good photo, but you get the idea. At one point she came over to mooch chocolate off me, and she had big clumps of sand hanging from her eyelashes and a big splotch of it on her nose. But would she hold still for a photo?

I took the stinky wool out on the porch with me to air out, and dropped one hunk on the ground. Why is it always the little shit that makes me crazy? So I've spent today picking dead leaves and seeds and dead bugs out of the wool. I guess I'll be keeping this hunk and spinning it myself.

Which is okay, because I think I need more blue wool, to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater for me. (Another zen project. I'm hooked.)

I'm calling this color scheme "RFB" which is short for "Really Fucking Blue".

I also made an attempt at purple trainwreck on wool top:

Looks an awful lot like a grape wool casserole.

And for those waiting for a photo of the Goob in the Zen Sweater, here you go:

I think this shot gives a proper idea of scale. As soon as I hit 'send', here, I'm going to go fish it out of the washing machine, measure it, and probably put it in for another felting cycle.

And I've got another half pound of wool soaking and waiting for dye. Bah. Maybe I'll take the day off tomorrow.


historicstitcher said...

That child and her curls make me laugh every time I see her!

The wool casserole looks tasty! I love putting wool in my dyeing crock pot - it always looks so cool fluffed up and wet like that.

Amy Lane said...

The sand table looks like a perfect way for Goob to spend the day! Grape wool casserole...oooohhh, ick. (But very pretty to look at.)