Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reactor coolant.

That's what I'm gonna call this color. (Never mind that not all reactor coolant is radioactive, and very few radioactive isotopes glow. Quit bogging this down with facts. I get enough of that stuff from the husbeast.) I've got half of the roving spun into singles, and half of THAT plied. I started off with four ounces - I weighed it - and yet I keep pulling wool off this stuff and the remaining wool NEVER GETS SMALLER. We need to call in Stephen Hawking to investigate, because I'm sure some laws of physics are being broken, somewhere. I'll be able to knit a car cover with the yarn if this keeps up.

For those asking about how I dyed the roving, well. I'm going to write a Knitty article about this, I think, but to give the highlights, I soaked it overnight in 50/50 vinegar and water. Then I drained off most of the liquid and poured in more liquid with dye in it and left it for about half an hour to soak through the whole dish of wool (glass is good for this 'cause you can look at the underside and see if the dye is all through yet). Then it went into the oven at 350F until the water was clear (meaning all the dye had stuck to the yarn - that's how to get these intense colors from food coloring). I carefully drained off the water, squished out the remaining liquid by putting the roving between two towels and standing on it, then hung it up to dry. That was it. Remember, agitation and temperature shock is the double kiss of death for working with wool; move it around as very little as possible. There have been a few mildly felted spots - very small - that have turned up during spinning, but with practice I think I can avoid them altogether. They're so small they MAY have been there to begin with, before I dyed it.

The Zen sweater has been SO relaxing, I zoned out through a couple rounds and missed some yoke decreases. So I have to go back and tink out about five hundred stitches and try again. I forgot my motto, "Everything in moderation, including moderation."

-... -

The Goober is coming down off a spring cold or hay fever or something. She's been running a low fever since Sunday and has been off her food. The not eating worries us more than the temperature; normally this kid is an eating machine. In a way, it's been kind of nice, with lots of cuddles and lap-sitting.

And attitude. Don't forget the attitude. (That photo was taken right before she spit bright pink cough syrup down the front of that nice white shirt.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go order two pounds of undyed wool roving. The husbeast is going to shit bricks.


Roz said...

I like it. Are you going to sell it? I have two nieces who need summer tank tops, and I'd rather knit than go to Target or Children's Palace! The colors are perfect for a Houston summertime (indoors, of course, with the AC blasting)!

Bunny Queen said...

I love the colors! And there is nothing wrong with the name at all. You are just using the fiber artists version of poetic license. ;)

I just won 1/2 pound of mill ends on Ebay and am going to have the DP dye it for me as she just loves to play with color. I'm bookmarking this post for her reference.

Amy Lane said...

Ooooh... zen knitting and reactor coolant--how awesome is that!!!

Poor Goob--she looks just so sad, there--not the little fireball that sang Tica Tica the other day, that's for sure! (And the spitting up of cough syrup is what they do!)

Ladybug has pinkeye right now. How gross is that?

Lynne said...

I'd like to volunteer to take any unwanted extra of that hand-spun off your hands, purely as a public service, of course!

Love the name, love, love, LOVE the color(s)! I really DO hope you'll dye lots more of it (in stock yarn - you can only spin so much, after all), 'cause it looks like it will be at least as popular as Purple Train Wreck, judging from the entirely positive comments so far...

Donna Lee said...

Try putting the cough syrup in juice. My pcp recommended that for me since I hate to swallow medicine. I had less trouble with the kids. Just pick a juice with a fairly strong flavor like cranberry/raspberry or something she likes. And I would love the dvd of the spinning. I couldn'f find your email to tell you.

KnitTech said...

Poor kidlette, so looks very sad. Hope she feels better soon.

Roxie said...

Reactor coolant. Perfect. Poor Goob. Sending her healthy vibes.

Barbara said...

My little squirt always went off her food when she had a cold--and now that she's 26 she still does. Soak up those cuddles while you can, those days ended too soon for my lap. I love the Goob (in a non-stalker, admiring from afar way) and love her dance. She cracks me up.