Monday, April 21, 2008

Killer snot!!

It's that time of year again. When the fucking plants fuck each other with their fucking flowers and their fucking pollen and I've got a head full of snot and a toddler with a head full of snot and plant freak or not I wish all these fucking flowers would just fucking die already before I do. Fuckers.


Knitting. Right. Knitting.

Since it hurts to go outside and have sunlight hit my eyes, I spent the weekend huddled in the house, knitting. The Zen Sweater is almost done; I hope to finish it today. Then I'll chuck it in the washer and felt it a little, and the Goob can wear it as a sweatshirt for the next year or two. (Or ten minutes, the way she's been growing lately.) When I knit this sweater, it was to use the yarn and see how good my spinning was. I didn't make a gauge swatch or anything. I figured if it came out huge, I'd keep it, and if it came out small, I'd give it to the Goober. So, Goober it is.

I began a skinny scarf with the Reactor Coolant, and am pleased to report my spinning is getting more even and I think I'll be willing to sell my handspun, now.

Unfortunately, the color reminds me a lot of what I'm blowing out of my nose lately, so I didn't work on it much. But the spinning's pretty even. I'll be selling the second half of the batch of roving, after I spin it. (And that's about half done, 'cause when I wasn't knitting this weekend, I was spinning.)

So, I started a gauge swatch for my father-in-law's Christmas sweater.

...had a little trouble finding the end. Arg. This is Bendigo Woolen Mills 8-ply, in the color "Midnight Tweed". If I had easier access to this yarn (it's Australian), I'd knit with nothing else. You Aussies, I don't know why you buy anything else. This stuff is wonderful. It's gonna make my FIL a kickass sweater. (I'll be using the Morrigan cable patterns and the Steeked Jacket saddle-shoulder decreasing method. In the round. Only maniacs knit cables flat.)

The Goober has been as out of it as I have; I think the poor kid has inherited her mum's sinuses.

In between zoned-out phases, she's been acting like a two-year-old. The other night I heard the water go on in the bathroom. I was in my office, and yelled to the husbeast "Is that you in there?" and from the living room, the husbeast shouted back "Am I in whe- oh SHIT!." We both ran to the bathroom, and there the Goober was, standing on her stool in front of the sink, water running. Brushing her teeth. So we let her off easy.

As for the environmental issue, the planet may care more than I thought about my opinion. Lighting hit the house on Saturday night. We're still not sure exactly what happened and assume the lightning rod system divered the worst of it; the computers are all right, no electronics were fried, no visible damage. But we saw the flash and heard the pop at exactly the same time (when it's very close, it sounds more like a giant bubble popping than thunder) which means it was within about four hundred feet of us. The husbeast was in the bedroom and swears he heard the ZZZT! So, uh. Nice planet. I promise I'll never knit acrylic again.

The Etsy shop AND the Vogue Knitting review are coming soon. Honest. Soon as I can breathe.

Fucking flowers.


Netter said...

Down by you, do people plant mostly male trees/bushes so they don't have to deal with female trees/bushes dropping fruit? Someone told me the other day that's why the pollen count in our area's skyrocketed.

Alwen said...

I'm sure the lightning strike was a total coincidence. Er. Mostly totally sure.

Luckily I just inherited my dad's post-nasal drip response to pollen.

Which skinny scarf pattern is that? Looks kind of. familiar.

Amy Lane said...

You know, it's been hecka cold here, when usually it's heating up to the 80's or so...I need to hop on the greenwagon too--no more acryllic for me!!! (Poor Goob...Ladybug has had a green upper lip for a week...I feel so bad for her!)

Donna Lee said...

The cars and furniture are all covered with pollen. I would be perfectly ok with trees that don't have sex. Or at least kept their sex to themselves. I have a head full of snot and no decongestant. (And if one more person says try Corecidin, I'll stab them. They don't have decongestants in them).

Roxie said...

I had always heard that virulent green nasal mucous was a symptom of sinus infection. Hope I'm wrong. Bless your dear heart and sinuses and double to the goob.

The zen sweater is lovely!

an said...

My van and I got stuck at school today. There was too much snow.

It's been snowing since Saturday and looks like Christmas is coming.


roz said...

blue snot? cool!

(shoot me later, i have to go to work!)