Friday, April 25, 2008

The most unholy reek.

I opened up my two pound bag of wool today, with the idea of splitting it up into four-ounce hunks to dye and sell. As soon as I opened the bag, this... this... SMELL hit me. I knew that smell. It took me a minute to place it, but it clicked finally. Springtime in Ohio. When the Amish and Mennonite (and many other) farmers spread manure on their fields.


I'm hoping the dye process will remove the worst of the reek. I hope I hope I hope. Oh, and once split up, the wool wouldn't fit back in the bag.

Thank you to all who have let me know about the sheep festival at Middleton Place this weekend. We were thinking about going, but the idea of paying thirty dollars for admission is making me pretty cranky, so it's unlikely I'll go. But thank you all for the notice. Maybe next year.


Amy Lane said...

There used to be a chicken farm nearby--I'd put sheep-shit over turkey/chicken shit any day!!!

Roz said...

Maybe the fibers won't go back into the bag because they're trying to release all the -- ah -- ODOR??

Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Roxie said...

Fresh air and sunshine. If you can spread it on the grass or on some bushes to dry, the chlorophyl will take out the stench. I worked for some raw fleece I had where a mouse had gotten into the bag and died.

Anonymous said...

Have to be honest you didn't miss anything by not going to Middleton. A friend and I went and stayed all of about 1 hour. The yarn shop Knit had a tiny tent with some stuff and there was a tent that had odds and ends in it and oh yeah very expensive food for sale. Not sure if it was the lamb I didn't like or the fact that they had a fresh lamb on the fire in front of everyone.