Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oooo! Internet!

I happen to have an internet connection, so a quick post.

My father-in-law has told me an amusing tale: A few weeks ago he went to the local mall (in Ohio, land of the Mennonite, Amish, and many other folks who've knit all their lives) to do some Christmas shopping. People kept staring at him. Particularly women. At first he thought he was going crazy, and then he realized -- they weren't staring at HIM, they were staring at HIS SWEATER. Namely, the Dale of Norway I knit him two years ago.

I warned him when I gave it to him, that total strangers would run up and ask him about it. Now he believes me. Haha.


Amy Lane said...

Ahhh... howzit feel to be famous?

Anonymous said...

I know you're an amazing knitter--but do you think the women were more fascinated with the fact he had a hand-knit, that it was beautifully done, the interesting pattern/yarn/colors, or what? I'm intrigued, because the sweater is gorgeous, but most people here wouldn't give a hoot.

Congrats, and enjoy freezing your butt off in Fla. It's barely 5 degrees here. My mom in Jax said it was mid-20's when I called her.


Alwen said...

You know, if I was him, wearing a sweater like that & with people eyeing me, I'd be making sure I was walking out to my car while it was still light out! For fear somebody would knock me down and pull it off me.

KnitTech said...

Funny, because I look at people's sweaters as well. Most of them are crappy store bought things.

Nice job on the sweater, but then you knew that.

Catie said...

that is funny and quite complementary to you. Happy new year