Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just a quick note.

To let all of you know I've been tinkering with the sidebar. The "What I'm Reading" section is gone (because I couldn't update it fast enough, or didn't feel like it). And I added a section of Vogue Knitting reviews, so you guys can go back and read any you missed.



Michelle said...

I was browsing through Vogue Knitting at my local bookstore on friday-laughing to myself because I could finally grasp the hilarity of your commentary. Well done.

Erica said...

It seems to me that Vogue has gotten worse... I tend to find many errors with their patterns, but I do enjoy reading the magazine for its absolute absurdity---who would wear/make those things?!

Amy Lane said...

Cool--my LYS lady LOVES your reviews;-)