Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cuff, and mutterings of discontent.

I am working on it. I spent about an hour last night picking out the cast-on (the yarn kind of sticks after it's been that way for THREE YEARS) and put the stitches on the needles. Then I started a half-assed shaker rib: a knit one, purl one rib, and then every other row I knit into the stitch on the row below, on the knit columns. (This is extremely half-assed. But it'll add some thickness and stretch.) The sleeves are gonna poof out, and I hate that. Whatever. It's time to get this stupid thing done.

-... -

Here is another photo, this time of me and the Goober. We went to Marineland while we were in Florida. They were closed for repairs, but were letting people in for free, to just watch the dolphins swimming around in their tanks. The Goob was very excited by the giant 'fish'.

The day before, it had snowed, and I was freezing my butt off (I think the phrase 'colder than a polar bear fuck' was used). The Goober was in three layers of sweat suits and could barely bend her arms. It was funny.

At the moment, the Goob is in one of those "Ignore it when Mom says no and see what happens" phases. Good times.

Whenever I go through an out of control pain flareup, my hair seems to turn more white. Instantly. I know that's not how hair works, but look at that photo; if there's not more white in my bangs, I'll eat them. Weird.

-... -

Tomorrow is yet another doctor's appointment. Look forward to much cursing and swearing. Oh, and while I'm in a bad mood, I need to get out and buy a copy of Vogue Knitting to review for you.


Anonymous said...

is it totally selfish of me to enjoy the fact you're crabby because it means I'll get a snarky, bitchy, Vogue review??? Wishing you much relief after the review, of course. LOL

Yay on free MarineLand! LOL on the sweatsuit for Goober. She's not used to the cold!


Alwen said...

It is so weird that the growers in Florida were warding off a 20 degree freeze, and yesterday in Michigan it was over 60 degrees! Sounds like somebody mixed up which weather went with which peninsula.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah--I love the 'laugh and run away' phase, too... right now we're doing the 'sleep is for wussies' phase. I could probably sleep through an earthquake during a 'supernatural' marathon right now, thank you very much:-)

Kim said...

Dont discount what you say about your hair. Stranger things have happened as far as biologics are concerned. My Dad fell off a 15 foot ladder when I was a kid. When my Mom heard about it a lock of hair in her bangs turned white afterward.

bells said...

It snows in Florida? Bizarre. I never thought of it as a place with anything other than sunshine and the odd cyclone!

Hope the pain management gets better soon.

Oh and the hair thing is in my family, too. My aunt's hair turned white suddenly in one patch when she was told her father died. She was only about 20 at the time.