Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ooooh, I'm all giddy.

I got my copy of Vogue Knitting Winter 2008 this afternoon. I'll review it in the next day or two. I'll warn you ahead of time, there's going to be a lot more "Is this supposed to be cutting edge??" bitching going on. Oh. And I want to find the writers, and kill them. See this?

This is the cover. On the lower right hand corner is the comment "winter's must-haves in textural technicolor". The two sweaters shown? The colored one (on the left) is stockinette and has no texture. The textured one (on the right) is textured but all one color.

These things make me sigh heavily.

Oh, and that model on the left? She reminds me of the "Walk Off" in Zoolander far, far more than a professional model should.

There's a bunch of decent stuff in this issue. Sorry to ruin it for you guys. Haha.

-... -

Yesterday the Goober ran up to Sekhmet, whopped her on the head pretty hard, and yelled "Tag, you're it!" and ran away. Sekhmet just sat there with her ears crooked, like "What the FUCK??!!"

-... -

I saw my new doctor today. She's so cool, I'm keeping her instead of insisting on a chronic pain specialist. (She called the pharmacy "a bunch of drug Nazis" before I said anything about it.) At this stage, we have to tinker with specific meds and dosages, and I don't see how a pain specialist would do it any better than this woman, and I know SHE cares. So I'm keeping her. Hopefully things are going to improve markedly in the next week or two. (I've got an official diagnosis now, finally. Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. Fun times.)

Remember the Thyroid problem? Long story short, turns out there IS a problem and the doc thinks my current state of disaster is due to a combination of pain and thyroid wonkiness.

When we were discussing my history, I said "I got a shot of Toradol at the urgent care facility... that was lovely." and she said "We can get you another shot of that today if you like." and I fear I reacted like a heroin addict. So right now I feel pretty damn good.

Maybe I'll knit something.


Amy Lane said...

I'm sooooooo glad for you... for a while there it was just 'sit back and watch Julie be miserable'. (*snark* Zoolander and Vogue Knitting, in a 'walk-off' *snark*) My daughter's psycho cat has gotten all horny on me must be my stunning physical condition and silky hair. Or maybe it's the fact that Chicken keeps FORGETTING TO FEED HIM and I look like a big squishy sugar mama...the world may never know.

ellen in indy said...

how do you spell relief?

feel better fast!

Lynn said...

Ooh they are tossing out the good drugs!
Gotta love a Doc that actually listens to you! You know the problem is you know what the fuck you are talking about and the stupid God-complex type Docs become defensive and are positive you are wrong. Nope, never met one of those fucking bastards before, really. I dare you to ask me about when I broke my leg and the fucking orthopedist YELLED, I'm so serious, YELLED at me when I beeped him at 10 pm because my broken ankle was crunching (witnessed by the husband). I was a good patient and called the nurse hotline first, who told me to immediately call the doc because I could be doing permanent nerve damage. He called me and yelled at me that I should never listen to a nurse because they are idiots and NOT doctors, he'd see me in 2 days at his office. He was so loud my husband could hear him across the room.
Yay. Fucker.
I immediately called my insurance company and said, and I do quote, "That fucker is never touching me again. Get me another orthopod."
Ok, so you don't have to ask me since I have given you the run on sentence from hell version! :D

Go good drugs!

Alwen said...

"Tag, you're it!" Sounds like the Goober must be pretty fast!

Yay, new doc!

Now I have to head for bed. The husband is now on 4-10's for the foreseeable future. Extra-early alarm clock in the dark, boo.

Louiz said...

Glad you've got a sympathetic doctor, makes all the difference...

And oh yes, must renew my subscription to vogue!

Alacaeriel said...

lol, Sekhmet sounds like my cat. We occasionally trip over him (well, if he will insist of walking in front of me when I'm trying to feed him...)but he very rarely brings out the claws. We don't have a toddler to run around, though. We have to borrow friends' toddlers instead.

deirdre said...

Hope this new doctor proves to be exactly what you need...

and thank you for the Zoolander comparison - it was a coffee-through-the-nose kind of revelation, and really, who doesn't love those?

Roxie said...

You are so GOOD. Not only do you see the Zoolander similarity, but you produce photographic evidence to support your insight!

The Goober understands that she is playing with fire, right? No, of course she doesn't. Sekhmet will have to teach her . . .

debsnm said...

I knew when I read "and she's lovely" that something was up with the meds. Congrats on finding someone who will listen - and the bit with Sekhmet - yogurt on the computer is NOT fun to clean up!