Monday, January 14, 2008

Uh. It's Monday.

Not a whole lot going on around here, which is just the way I like it.

Sekhmet's sleeping on my feet.

The Goober is spinning around until she falls over, and laying on the floor giggling.

The Husbeast is at work, making the world safe for democracy, or at least pipe fitters.

I feel like knitting for the first time in days, and want to finish the cuff of That Second Sleeve. I'm afraid at this stage when I finish it, the world will end, or there will be plagues of locusts or something. So if there's a sudden solar eclipse later today, you know what happened.

-... -

I'm known around here for coming up with interesting non-knitting topics, and I've been racking my brain for one. Lately I've been re-reading "Color" by Victoria Finlay. It's a history of dyes and paints. As usual it's slanted toward paint and painters, but it's got enough overlap into fabric dyes (often the same colorants are used in both paints and dyes) to keep me reading. She leaves out all kinds of stuff, and chases down odd paths toward her chosen colors, but she's a traveling maniac, and that keeps it interesting. (Traveling to Afghanistan to see the lapis mines? As a female? In this era??) Anyway, brace for a series of maunderings on the subject of color.


-... -

For those who go through Goober withdrawl, here's a photo of her coloring, with Grandma:


Susan Pandorf said...

Hey Julie! I had no idea you were a reader! First time? Or are you a lurker?

Of course, EVERYONE knows the Samurai Knitter...


Amy Lane said...

DOWA! We wub Dowa...Dowa sooos, Dowa baby-wub-doll, Dowa colow book, Dowa sirt...all Dowa, all da time...

(Except I can't get her to watch the show. It's so damned weird.)

I miss my kids just reading your blog post today. This is a good age to be home.

Kris Fletcher said...

Julie, this is totally off topic, but in that photo, it looks like the Goober is sitting with her legs in a W shape (knees in front, feet back by the butt.) You might know this already (if so, my apologies), but that's not a good position for little ones. It can lean to hip problems. When I was teaching, we would tell the kids to sit "criss cross applesauce" - meaning a tailor sit (what we used to call Indian style.) Much better on the little bod, and the rhyme makes it fun for them to remember.

Anonymous said...

We're finishing up a snowstorm, so if there is a solar eclipse, I wouldn't know. You'll have to warn me. LOL

Yay for the safety of pipefitters everywhere! That husbeast rocks, as does the Goober.


Alwen said...

Heh, Grama is a woman after my own heart, belly-down on the floor with the kid. :)

Maggie said...

Hi Julie, I going to echo Kris's comment. It's a very common way for children to sit, especially when they have low balance, and are very flexible. Just google "w sitting", anyway it's not a big deal but it may be a good idea to encourage her to sit as Kris says "Criss Cross Applesauce".

I only know about it because I did an occupational therapy fieldwork placement in schools. Most people have never heard of it, and it's easier flexible.

Bells said...

Ooh they look like they're having a lovely time together!

Jacquie said...

Well,you know how spinning around til you fall down is a really normal thing for a toddler to do? My 16 year old came home the other day laughing about rolling around on the floor and then trying to walk in a straight line.
I still think the cat makes more sense.

Laural said...

Love the spinning around! There is a giant hill right outside my building and I always want to roll down it on sunny days.

Roxie said...

Heck, when it's slow at work, I play twirly birds in the office chair. Go, Goober! (I've been sitting like that most of my life and the hips, though wide, are sound.)

color? Yeah! Sounds like fun.