Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A weekend of sloth and gluttony.

My two favorite sins.

It was a long weekend here, with a federal holiday on Monday. The husbeast kind of got the hint and stepped in and did the bulk of childcare over the weekend. So I spent my time laying around eating chocolate and taking naps. It was lovely.

I am running out of steam on Innsvinget. I'm still working on it, but I'm less than thrilled at what is essentially big piles of sewing up. So I figured, dig out another unfinished project.

Remember this?

If not, it's the half-round shawl from Victorian Lace Today (half finished, and unblocked). I started it last March. Something else to finish. This is going to break the monotony of all the sewing up on Innsvinget. And I'm still finishing stuff, so no guilt. Yay!

I've updated Ravelry to show what I'm working on now, blah blah.

The Goober is having a growth spurt and spends all her time eating and sleeping. When she's not asleep, she can be found laying on the floor:

That's her toy basket she's got her feet up on. Last night we put her in a pair of capri pants she wore last during the holidays: now they're shorts. She's grown at least an inch, maybe two. Doctors and specialists say that children don't grow much, from age two to three, and don't eat nearly so much, either. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha.

Still gearing up for a post about the color yellow. There are a lotta toxic paints that are yellow.


Anonymous said...

LOL, that Goober is cute!

Kids are like bad weeds, my mom says. They grow and grow. I would listen to my mom instead of the doctors.

I can't wait to see what toxins yellow brings...


Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

I'll have to have a look in my copy of "Victorian Lace today" to see which shawl this is, so that I'm ready to either mark it "to do" or "not to do", depending on your verdict. :)
Kids are as different as adults, I wish the doctors would learn!

Alwen said...

Toxic paints, and toxic printing inks. At least onion skins come from a sort-of food item.

Amy Lane said...

The cave troll went from being able to wear his 3T jeans (because he's a bony little nipper with no discernible ass) to not fitting into his 4T jeans in the span of about two months.

And he still has not sprouted an ass.

R&R is good for the soul--I'm glad you enjoyed yours!

bells said...

Oh that's how I wanna be right now, on the floor, being slothful. Lucky Goober.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right kids don't grow between those ages and they stop growing around 16. Obviously these doctors never had kids. Which is why I made all their clothes for them up until 5 from cheap, cheap fabric with elastic waistbands.

Louiz said...

Kids grow. Kathryn is doing something similar right now...

and yellow - don't forget tartrazine the yellow food colouring responsible for hyperactivity in some kids (and adults - it's in some beers!)

Donna Lee said...

What do doctors know? My kids each grew on their own schedule. I guess they don't read the same books as the doctors. I figured as long as they were healthy, who cares? Kate wore the same size shoes for over a year and then went through 3 sizes one summer. Thankfully it was summer and I could keep her in cheap sandals!