Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's been a long day of 'stowing and throwing' as the husbeast puts it. We rented a trailer this morning, the husbeast and his dad moved the furniture into it (we're borrowing furniture from the in-laws). After that we packed clothes, and toys, and craft supplies, and you name it, and put it in the trailer. And the Jeep. And the back of the in-laws' car. Not too exciting, but really tiring. So here are a few things going on.

Last night the Goob fell asleep like this.

Yes. I swear she's asleep. Eventually she straightened out and laid down like normal, but my foot goes numb just looking at that.


We carved a pumpkin.

The husbeast carved: I fished out the seeds, roasted them, and ate them.


And this. Well, this is an antique water goblet. It got broken a while back, by... someone. I won't say who, for their protection. (It wasn't me. I swear.)

No one in the area was willing to touch the thing; glassworkers heard the word 'antique' and practically shrieked "I can't do it!" So we busted out the UV-sensitive glue, and a UV light, and, well, there it is. So far it's looking pretty good.

Now I get to go pack something. Again.


MLJ1954 said...

Hope your moving day goes well. I would be exhausted just thinking about it.

When my middle kid was very young, she would tuck her blankets in very tight and then have to shimmy in between the sheets. It used to pain me to just watch her. I'm the one who when I get to a hotel, the first thing I do is untuck the bed.

Roxie said...

The picture with the pumpkin is fabulous! Keep track of that one. You might want to use it in a photo montage for her wedding.

Isn't it amazing how you find more things to throw away with every move? Hoorah for the inlaws!

BEst of luck with the water goblet. It looks awesome!

Barbara said...

I used to sleep like that, or wake up like that; it's surprisingly comfy. Cherish the pumpkin photo. It's a classic.

I wish I were there to help move. I'm in the mood for some strenuous hauling and tossing away. I'll bet the inlaws are just as glad to "lend" you some stuff. Where does all this crap come from? Last time we moved we rented a motel room for 2 nights so we had someplace clean and organized to sleep and shower in, and where they sold prepared meals and adult beverages right down the hall. I highly recommend it.

Emily said...

I cannot believe you're managing to blog...& take elegant photos...while in the middle of all this. I am in awe.

Amy Lane said...

But DUDE--you're getting so close to an apartment and a HOME! You must be sort of excited!

Alwen said...

covers eyes so as not to see the "M" word

My parents had one retired grayhound that used to sleep on his back, with his hind legs flopped out in what they called the "Chicken Thighs On Sale Now!" position.

winslowd said...

My son is in his 20s and still sleeps like that. At least you've got a picture of it for your memories. That's great!

There's some great yarn stores in your area, too.