Thursday, October 08, 2009

Too damn tired to research anything.

So I'm back to another lameass post.

The Goob's still sick, and is at that just-well-enough-to-be-evil phase. Today I swatted her on the butt and she turned around and blew a raspberry at me. Kid's lucky to be alive.

At this stage, I'm assuming that I've already had this germ and so am immune to it. It's the only explanation for why I haven't begun the same symptoms. (Now, having said that, I'll wake up tomorrow, sick as a dog. You watch.)


Saturday we're going for a tour of the small western PA town where the husbeast has gotten a job, and then we're going to look at a few apartments. Unless they're all crackhouses, we're going to rent one and move in on the first. I assume that's about when the husbeast will start his job, too; he may start early and stay in Auntie's guest room for a week or so. (Yet another reason to get moving on the Auntie Scarf.)

This is in keeping with my plan, which was to move to a small town near a larger city full of museums and colleges and universities. As I put it, "I want to move into a small town just like this one, except full of people I don't know." I think it's mission accomplished.

All in all, we finally feel like we're moving forward instead of treading water. Really, it's ALL been moving forward, but it didn't really feel that way until recently.


I had some questions about yesterday's spinning video. So, the vaguely technical stuff. The spinning method you saw yesterday requires a faster 'spin' than I use for spinning wool; I finally, today, quit trying to treadle faster and changed the damn whorl size, which I should have done days ago. In the video, my right hand (left side of the screen) is controlling the feed of raw roving; if you look very closely, you can see it gradually moving the fiber through. My left hand (right/center of the screen) is the hand with the waggling fingers; yes, I'm using my fingers to control twist. My index finger is almost always hooked around the yarn and works as a brake for the twist, to keep it from moving down into the roving. The finger waving is my way of controlling how that twist does get in there. It looks cooler than it is. The Scotch brake is set for kind of a medium uptake; the single is definitely winding onto the bobbin, but it's not pulling the single out of my fingers.

There you go. Hope that helps someone, or is at least interesting.

Now, I think I need to go knit something. Like a lustkofe. Fast.

ETA: Those of you requesting smartassery, a conversation had here tonight - FIL = father in law.

ME: You need to get home by six so you can carve the chicken.
FIL: Oh, the husbeast can do that.
ME: Hell, I could do that. We don't want to. Get your ass back here by six.
FIL: Hahahahahahaha.
HUSBEAST: We call that "subtle like a brick in the face".


piggie1230 said...

So, not sure where in Western PA you're gunna be. Random town to go visit,if you're nearby: Indiana. Jimmy Stewart Museum (not sure how much it is, used to be $5). If you go on Saturday, they show a Jimmy Stewart movie around 2. There's a couple of good restaurants, too.

walterknitty said...

Congrats on the husband getting a job. No matter how much we love our in-laws, living in some one else's home can be very trying.

Bells said...

Oh the husbeast got a job! And you got a new town! In PA! Nice. I look forward to learning about a whole new part of America.

Roxie said...

It's downright criminal the way you have broken the Goob's spirit and crushed her will to fight. I am reminded of episodes of "Amazing Grace" where smart-mouth Grace is dealing with her equally smart-mouth kids. Wonder where the kids learned that?

Hooray for the job. Bummer about the move, but it takes time to find a house, so a comfy apartment is a good next step. Good luck finding an apartment that takes kids and cats!

Carrie S. said...

If you need to know where the yarn shops are in the Burgh, just let me know. :)

Also there's a Rav group for Pittsburghers, Steel City Fiber Arts.

Amy Lane said...

*woot* Seriously-- that's GOT to feel good. And the more I watch tv, the more I want to live in PA. (And M.Night Shyamalan movies, too...)