Sunday, October 04, 2009

A fun day.

Today we went to the 27th Annual Atwood Area Fall Festival, held at the Atwood Lake Resort area. (Resort is a rather fancy term, but, yeah, okay.) Around here, if you want to see arts and crafts, you go to the Great Trail Festival. If you want to see steam engines, you go to the Algonquin Mill Festival. But for generalized fall festival stuff, Atwood is pretty good. Plus they have an antique car contest to keep people occupied.

There was a petting zoo (hopefully photos of that tomorrow.) The Goob got to meet Charlotte the pig, Gertrude the camel, a baby goat, a bunny, a bear, a freakin' white tiger, and a panther that put Sekhmet to shame. (I love my cat, but damn.)

There was the Society of Creative Anachronism, Revolutionary War re-enactors, Civil War re-enactors, and Appalachian general-settler-type re-enactors. They had all the re-enactors in one place, and if you pay attention to clothes (hi!), it made the head swim. Especially the mountain men from the 1840s talking to the Revolutionary War guys. I almost went up to the Revolutionary War guys and asked them if they were ready for Valley Forge. Really should have.

There was a cannon, set off hourly. Eep.

In among all the craft booths, there was one run by the Lana Bella Alpaca Farm. There was prepared clothing, mostly made in Peru, but they had yarn harvested from their own critters. They also had roving.

Score. (That's 4oz/112g each, cream and oatmeal pencil roving. Soft as a baby's butt, and they fit well into my Nefarious Plan for a hand-spun sweater for myself.)

They had a really nice Thunderbird at the car show, too.


We got home late, with a tired kid, and I stowed my roving in an easy-to-get-to place. You see, I finished spinning the singles of the second (of three) chunks of orange merino.

It needs Navajo/chain plied. Then, one more to go.

The merino chunks are only 50g/about 2oz each. It won't take long. Then I bust out the alpaca. Bwahahah.


The Goob is tired, but still able to ham for the camera.


Alwen said...

They were talking about those multi-era reenactor events at a SCA canton meeting a while back, and I'm trying to think what they were called. Timeline events or something like that.

Steam engines, oh yeah! I had to miss the local flywheelers show because we had three events that same weekend. The really huge ones were scary-awesome when they ran.

Um, cue the Twilight Zone music, this time the verification word is "socke".

Donna Lee said...

I always enjoy fall festivals. Just getting outside in the (hopefully) sunshine and cooler temps is such a blessing. And to find alpaca. You scored!

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- that really is a headswimmingly awesome sort of day!

Roxie said...

And most everyone is happy to talk about their costume in detail. Sounds like a rockin' festival!

Hard to think of that Thunderbird as an antique, though. I'm older than it is.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a fun day with things for both the gearhead and fiber freak. Love me some goofy Goob pix.

Walterknitty said...

Sounds lovely. Sounds like there was a lot of visual stimulation.