Monday, October 12, 2009

Chain plying.

Also known as Navajo plying. You make a loop, pull another loop through it, pull a loop through that. And so on. The first video here shows the big picture:

You can get the idea. After I watched the video, I thought it still looked a little mystical (cool!) so we (the husbeast is my camera man) shot another vid, this time in close up of my right hand.

...that didn't really demystify it much, but if you watch closely you can see I pull the single through the loop as soon as both hands get close together, then I pull a LOOP, not a single thread, back toward the bobbin to grab the single and then hang on to the loop and a single - looks like three separate threads, but it's a U of thread and then the bit going back to the bobbin. It just LOOKS like three. Then once I get up near my left hand, I loop it through and pull away again.

Hope that clears things up.

(If you're saying "DUDE! What's up with the rings??!!?" well, I think they're making my grip strength a little better. Sort of like one of those brace-things for tennis elbow. The braces re-direct the muscle 'pull' and make it more effective. Maybe.)


Sorry for the lameass posting the last couple, but I've been doing all kinds of crap the last three days, and by the time I sit down to post, it's evening and I'm too damn tired. I've been researching the Public Land Survey System for a blog post on Ohio and Pennsylvania history. (Specifically, what makes them so different, when I'm only moving seventy-five miles/120km.) It'll probably get expanded to two posts, but it's interesting in a cultural geography geek kind of way.

In the mean time, I've got two dozen cupcakes to ice (and I've got to make the icing) before I go to bed tonight, and it's already eight thirty.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video -- I've been wondering about chain plying. I guess my question for now is can it be done without a spinning wheel? Space and finances restrict me to a spindle at this point . . . Also, does it ever screw up with lumpy singles, or do you not have that problem. The singles seemed to slip amazingly smoothly past each other.

In any case, thanks again.
(a lurker)

Jen Anderson said...

I don't spin, but have been wondering about chain plying and how it worked and now I know.

Elly said...

It cracks me up that you're plying to (what sounds like) Rammstein. :D

Donna Lee said...

That's a technique I haven't tried yet. It looks cool and I have a feeling it's one of those things that once you "get" it, it seems so natural.

And I love Pigsbird! She'll love that the hockey team is the penguins.....

Roxie said...

It really DOES look like magic! You sorceress, you!

(my word is crumb! It's an omen of coffeecake)

shadowbat said...

I couldn't imagine how this whole chain-plĂ­ing stuff happens, and never imagined i will get to know it with german metal in the background. Wow. :D

I second Elly, i'm not sure either if it's Rammstein but sounds very like... if not, still. This means i'm not the only one to do handcraft while listening to heavy metal...