Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Montage.

It's insane here (the husbeast has gone off the deep end at the idea of us moving Thursday), and I don't have much to blog about, so here are some photos of what's going on.

The back yard looks like an autumn holiday. Or a movie set. Or both.

I keep waiting for Legolas and a party of elves to ride out and ask directions to Rivindell. (At which point I will jump him... but that's another fantasy. Leave me to it.)

The weather controls exactly what colors the leaves turn each year. (It has to do with different types of chlorophyll dying out of the leaves at different rates.) Apparently this year the weather was tuned to yellow. The whole down has these gloriously yellow trees, with an occasional bright red maple for interest. Even when it's overcast and raining, it's beautiful.


I've been spinning. I'm thrilled to report that I'm almost down to one bag of carbon fiber. (I think. I did not make an extensive search before jumping to this conclusion, and I'm not gonna, because it makes me happy.)

After I had about half a bobbin of carbon fiber spun up, I plied it with a 250 yard spool of blue glitter thread. I'm not sure it shows up well in this photo, but it's there.

Unfortunately, that took most of the bobbin of carbon fiber, so I'm back to spinning that crap for another 250 yards. Then another quick ply with more glitter thread, and I'm done for now.

Can't wait.


The spinning class went to my head a bit; one of the things we did was add Angelina fiber - really garish, multi-colored Angelina fiber - to some natural brown long-staple wool. It spun up beautifully, looked great, and, well.

Now I wanna do it myself. For about a thousand yards' worth.

I also hit a sale at a yarn shop yesterday. I picked up a ball of bright-freakin'-green (nearly fluorescent) lace weight merino that I intend to thread beads on and spin up with some wildly-dyed merino top I've got sitting here. Then maybe make a cabled yarn with it.

Truly, I've gone mad. If only people would leave me alone so I could spin.


Barbara said...

I hear you. I want people to leave me alone to knit and write. No job, no Durwood, just me and my yarn and my notebook.

My street's an explosion of yellow maple leaves. It's breathtaking, especially with a handful of brilliant red ones brushed on the ends of the branches. It almost makes up for the drear.

Tell the Husbeast that it'll be okay. He should take a deep breath and have a beer.

Anonymous said...

Your photos could have been taken at my campus. It's gorgeous here - there's all kinds of wildlife in the woods, hawks and jays and deer...

And the yarn is lovely, as always. ^_^

I would love to get some alone time with my knitting and some music. I think today's the first time I finished something since before school started.

BammerKT said...

Ooooo come on over! My love of all things garish means I have quite the stash of Angelina blends. And a bag of brown Shetland too come to think of it!

Donna Lee said...

I'm working on the spinning with beads. I got my daughter to string some beads on a spool of thread but they all get stuck so I have to play around with it for a bit. Play around with yarn? What a tragedy?

Alwen said...


Roxie said...

Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous yarns! (I bought a shimmery purse at a garage sale. A friend of mine remarked, "Ah, it's garish, yet tacky. How interesting." I love it anyhow! My inner magpie adores your yarns!)

Deana said...

In Pigsbird there's reds, oranges, bright oranges, neon oranges, dull oranges, browns, tans, and tons of yellows in the trees and bushes. Its quite beautiful. The bushes surrounding the FBI building in South Side are BRIGHT red and so pretty!

Bells said...

those trees! Magnificent! Nice fantasy too!

You're doing such interesting things with your spinning. So often hand spun is garish. Not yours.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah... I know what you mean... (and I'm with Barbara...) I just want to knit, write, and read my perverted books... is that so wrong? lurvely fiber, my friend--you can spin all you want, I'll just dream of knitting up that carbon fiber blend...