Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stream of Consciousness.

Still with the crappy 'tude. One of these days I'll blog it (maybe tomorrow), but for now I'm trying to stay in a good mood because the husbeast and I are going on a date tonight. Without the Goob. I will get to eat a meal in peace without having to yell, clean food off my kid, clean food off myself (I hope), snarl, or otherwise Be A Mom. Can't wait. But for now, a jumble of thoughts.


We were rattling off this (admittedly lame) list of reasons we need to be home in time for the Goober's bed time, and my father-in-law gave us both a pitying look and said "Gee, we've NEVER put kids to bed before." After that we shut up.


Spinning class Saturday. I got something in the mail yesterday telling me what all I'd need, and I'm set except for handcards. Which kinda pisses me off, because this is a class about spinning, not fiber prep. Plus using handcards makes me feel like I've got rabid squirrels chewing my hand off at the wrist. So I'll just watch that bit. At the least, I won't be self-taught any more.


I mentioned the Goob may not get to go Trick-or-Treat this year, because we're moving that weekend. The outcry from both sides of the family (my brother was also horrified) was unbelievable, and my father-in-law made a couple phone calls and found a 'harvest party' with trick-or-treat on Monday night. No time now for a Bubbles costume (I was gonna make it... shouldn't be too hard, just need tights, mary-janes, and a quick sew for a dress), we'll go with the trusty Pwincess Dwess. Bubbles next year. All hail the glory of the Pwincess Dwess.


I still hate my hair, the carbon fiber is still pissing me off, but the egg salad sandwich I had yesterday was REALLY GOOD.


It's Indian Summer here. Seventy degrees in the afternoons, but after a freeze, so there are no bugs left. (Well. Very few bugs. We've got ladybugs swarming, which is kinda freaky, but they don't bite so I'm good with it.) The leaves crunch under your feet when you walk, and you can drink hot chocolate without getting overheated, and there are football games every Friday and Saturday night if you're so inclined. I'm more about ice hockey, but I like going out and sitting in the stands for a high school football game, every once in a while. Pumpkin pie season has hit, and mulled cider, and school is still new enough to be interesting, before the unholy, terminal boredom kicks in. With luck, this time next year I'll be in school again, arguing with some poor, unsuspecting professor over something esoteric and weird. No matter that I've spent more time out of school than in, over the whole of my life (it's damn near a tie, though); autumn means school to me.


We move to Pigsbird officially, a week from tomorrow. The husbeast starts work November 2, and as soon as the paycheck situation smooths out, we will be enrolling the Goober in preschool. Which means at least some of my time will once again be my own. I hope to use that time to expand my shop, and maybe get the income to be enough to pay for my education. That would be nice.



-Marching band practice on Wednesday afternoons. I can faintly hear it from the front yard. They are attempting to play Led Zeppelin. There ought to be a law.

-The mailman started the neighbor's leaf-blower the other day; she can't get it going the first time, each fall, so he does it for her.

-Indian Summer. Two weeks later than I was expecting it, sure, but it's warm weather and I'll take it.

-The toughest, most fit hard-body at the gym (which is the local YMCA) is nearly old enough to be my grandmother. Definitely old enough to be my mother.

-Pumpernickel at the grocery store. I know I've mentioned it before, but it never gets old.

-Seasons! What in hell is up with that?

-Trains. We're the meeting of several rail lines here, and no matter what, there are trains going through.

-We have a castle for the public school administration building. (That has an indoor swimming pool used to store books.)

-You can smell pig shit at the city limits. We're pretty sure there's a plan to it, but we're not sure what.

-Seasons! What in hell is up with that??!!?


Alwen said...

We had pigs down the road each direction when we first moved here. We called it Yuppie Repellant.

It rained this morning, but now it's sunny and ladybugs are swarming here, too, the prickly tickly footed little pests. Nothing like hair full of ladybugs!

Louiz said...

Seasons are cool.

The BBC are doing a Glamour season, mostly 20s and they had a thing on Josephine Baker, which was fascinating.

I might not have watched it if I hadn't read your piece on her. Thank you!

amy said...

They're swarming here, too!! Now, without the blogosphere, how on earth would we know that ladybugs are swarming in Michigan, Ohio, AND Rhode Island??

historicstitcher said...

Beware the orange ladybugs - they're an invasive species and they DO bite!

Nasty little buggers!

bobbins said...

Yes, the historicstitcher is right! We have those nasty mosaic bugs in Fla that look like orange lady bugs and they nip you.

I looked them up and one Knowledgeable Expert stated they Do Not Bite. Yeah, right. I'll send her one.

Alwen said...

That's true about the imported ladybugs biting! They don't chomp you, but they can give a good hard pinch.

They weren't biting much today, but when it was warmer it seemed like every single one that landed on me bit to see if I might be an aphid. at the Iowa State U. is a great reference:

"Harmonia" indeed, little pests!

Roxie said...

Swarms of ladybugs? Orange ladybugs? That bite? Sounds like you guys are having some wild acid flashbacks. Cosmic and Far out!

Anonymous said...

Trains at every crossing? I got stuck behind one on the way to work yesterday. Made me late. There should be a law.

For someone who doesn't think they have anything to say you sure write a lot of interesting stuff.


Barbara said...

I'll see your trains and raise you 3 drawbridges in a row in the center of the city. I keep warshrag knitting in the door of my car and always have a believable excuse for being late. "The bridge was up." Works every time.

No Indian summer here; it's chilly and rainy but the leaves are gorgeous.

Galad said...

I vaguely remember seasons. Arizona has hot and not hot :-)

Emily said...

Boy, when you've got nothing to's still terrific.

Ladybugs here too. Just benign little red ones.

Mandy said...

Nothing like a good egg salad sandwich to put everything into perspective!

Amy Lane said...

LOL--I don't know if you meant to, but you're making a case for Ohio! (Led Zeppelin in the marching band... Christ, why ISN'T there a fucking law?)

MLJ1954 said...

And this Indian Summer has been grand, crisp mornings and bright sunshine in the afternoons. The only thing that puts me off is that it so dark when I leave the house in the morning (5:30).

I really enjoy the seasons in Ohio. Although my husband keeps saying there are only two: road construction and snow.