Friday, February 29, 2008

She hit the wall.

After a week long run of no naps, going to bed late, getting up early, running herself ragged, and generally acting like a two-year-old, the Goober's body finally stepped in and told her brain 'that's enough, time to rest now'.

We call this sleeping position 'splatted into the bed'. Usually she naps for an hour. Today she slept like that, barely moving (I kept checking to see if she was breathing, paranoid Mum that I am), for three hours.

Then she woke up and ate half a pizza. (Okay, two pieces, but the way she was putting it away, it SEEMED like half a pizza.)

Still knitting on the Russian Prime (sleeve's about half done) and already dreaming of knitting up the Bendigo wool Bells sent me ages ago; I've decided that's my next project. 'Cause I don't have enough going on around here.

The husbeast has been working insane hours lately, and then going out to drink beer and smoke cigarettes after (an old friend is in town for the week), so it's been agreed that this will be a Me Weekend. As in, he has the Goober and I do whatever I want. Mostly I intend to knit like the wind, but I'll probably buckle under and dye some yarn... I've got some cochineal here that would make a nice, red pair of socks. Or I can play with these long color graduations some more; I've got some further ideas on how to take advantage of the process.

It would be nice if that pound of wool I ordered got here tomorrow, so I could spend the weekend spinning.

Obsessed? Me?


Bubblesknits said...

Whenever my kids do that, they typically shoot up about an inch or so. Last time, I had to go buy the girl-child new shoes after one of those episodes. I swear the only thing that grew were her feet!

Bells said...

look at that. She's absolutely buggered.

How come you write Mum and not Mom?

ps the jacket is soaking the bath this very second...!!!!

jeanfromcornwall said...

Yes for sure she is doing a grow! They can find it hurts too sometimes.

Roxie said...

Boy, she is down for the count! Bless her little heart. And all those pretty dresses that grandpa bought are going to be too small in no time.

I love cochineal! Happy dying!

Amy Lane said...

That's so cute...Ladybug skipped her nap today, and then, after driving us batshit, fell asleep after five minutes in the crook of dad-dad's arm...

Sometimes they give you emotional whiplash, don't they?