Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moderation? Never heard of it.

At eight tonight, I sat down with some pre-dyed roving and some empty bobbins, and started spinning. I filled up one bobbin, decided I was still having fun, and started another.

It filled up too.

So then I thought, hell, might as well ply them. Then I noticed my shoulders were kinda stiff. And my ankles were sore. And... you know, I couldn't bend my fingers. Then I looked at the clock. Ten thirty.

Now I'm gonna go take some painkillers and eat some chocolate.

Spinning is REALLY COOL.

Purple coming up tomorrow. Brace for dead snails.


RobynR said...

the Mathboy family motto is (along with "who's bleeding now?") "Nothing in Moderation". Have fun!

Anonymous said...

wow, that's SO PRETTY!!! I'm a blue girl, as you know. You're spinning up my alley!

Go take some aleve. I can't wait to see what purple brings. That's my color, too. I had a favorite purple knit dress when I was in 1st grade, it had a varigated embroidered bicycle on the front. Good memories.


Amy Lane said...

I do that sometimes when I'm writing... I sit down with a diet coke and some sort of crap food within reaching distance, and two hours later, I've got ten pages done, I'm bloated, and I have to pee so bad I can hardly stand up.

Donna Lee said...

That's so pretty. It doesn't look like you're a newbie spinner. You've really picked it up quickly. You give me hope, Julie. I, too, can one day spin.