Sunday, February 03, 2008


This post will be hopping topics like a frog on meth, because that's how my brain is working at the moment. So... good luck trying to follow along.

We got home from Florida late yesterday afternoon, after the most boring drive imaginable. I swear the drive gets longer every time I make it. Anyway, we had a good time, the Goober had lots of quality time with the grandparents, and we went to the zoo. (I've got video of the Goob saying "Hi, goats!" that I'll post as soon as I dig out and get organized.)

The spinning wheel wasn't really an accident, it was more like the culmination of such a long-term plan that I didn't even think about it. I just got on line like a zombie and started clicking and before I knew it, a wheel and a pile of fiber were being shipped to my house. It's tax season, and in this house that means getting a big return, not owing. Last year I'd meant to buy a spinning wheel with my 'mad money' share of the return, but there was a screwup with the ordering, and then I had to spend the money on some Jeep repairs. So the plan all along was to buy a wheel when the tax money got here. Not terribly spur-of-the-moment. I got an Ashford Kiwi, new, from The Woolery. (

There is an article on green being cooked up; I'm researching. In Florida I was on dialup on someone else's computer, which made research all but impossible. Now I'm home with my handy (if evil) laptop, and ready to rock.

Oh, did I mention (I know I didn't), I also got some of the safer natural dyes with my mad money, and will be trying out experiments with more sock yarn. Indigo, cochineal, saffron, and madder are up first. I've got directions here for how to make a FIFTY GALLON indigo vat... I'm thinking if I cut it by a decimal point, I can put it in my five-gallon yarn-dyeing bucket. As always, I will be sure to document the madness. (Though if I permanently stain the bathtub red or blue, the husbeast will NOT be documenting where he buried my body.)

Sekhmet, that fucker, has not let me out of her sight since I got home yesterday. At the moment, she's sleeping on the futon behind me. Snoring. Fucker.

After three hours of reading, I have my to-be-read list on Bloglines down below 900 posts. I intend to get through them all, but it's going to take a while. Anyway, hi, everybody.

My father-in-law took the Goober shopping (while my mother-in-law and I were busy ransacking the Chico's outlet), and here's one of the results:

He even got matching socks and shoes.

There are probably fifty more things to add that I'm forgetting. Ah well. There's always tomorrow.

Damn, am I glad to be home.


Bells said...

Oh isn't she a picture?! She looks like Shirley Temple!!!

Looking forward to the dye results. Should be fascinating!

Terby said...

Welcome back.

Alwen said...

Your description of the spinning-wheel-buying process is kind of like us trying to have a kid process. When my aunt said, "I'll bet he was a surprise," I said, "No, he was more like a 'finally'!"

This is what I know about indigo fermentation: ever forget a flower vase after the flowers died, and have to pour out the ewww stinky slime out of the bottom? Like that. Only worse.

The Goober looks cuuuuute! I'm thinking Annie from the musical. Awwwww.

ellen in indy said...

the goober is adorable, as usual. and her grandpa sounds kinda lovable also.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa did a great job. she is so cute.

Can;t wait for the sock yarn.

Louiz said...

indigo - comes out yellow until you add oxygen - then it slowly goes blue.

Do you want tea for dyeing with? let me know I can find a lot of different varieties from one of our local shops here....

Donna Lee said...

Every little girl needs a sailor dress. I think I had one for every size I grew into as a little girl. Maybe that's why I have an aversion to uniforms.

Amy Lane said...

So glad you're back...the net was awefully boring without you!

Barbara said...

Welcome home! I, too, was missing your particular brand of rant. If the Goober was my grandbaby I'd buy her a dress every day--shoes and socks to match, too. What a doll.