Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, hell.

Definitely gonna have to write more than one blog post about each color.

And then there are all the vegetable dyes to write about.

And all the cool historic stuff.

I think my brain's bleeding.

"Green" should be coming up soon, hopefully today. Sorry about the delay on the rest of the spectrum. I'm on it.


Alwen said...

Both Elizabeth Wayland Barber and Richard Rutt have taken some heat about their data being incomplete and some of their conclusions being questionable. Or even flat wrong.

But . . . authors on the subject of fiber perishables are still few and far between. Any time you are out on the crest of the wave like they were, you're going to get some stuff wrong.

At least having written it down gives us a starting point for argument.

(Sorry, I'm starting in the middle of my thought here! But I really have to get off this computer!)

Amy Lane said...

So very very cool!