Thursday, February 28, 2008

Topic jumping.

I've got a bunch of unrelated stuff today. (Gee, that never happens around here.)

First off, it turns out that Mayan Blue, the one paint I discussed in the blue post, is kind of a mystery. In these days of spectral analysis, you can easily tell what elements and molecules are in just about anything -- but figuring out how it was made, is something else again. At any rate, some gunk was found in the bottom of a bowl which may unravel the mystery. Details here. I think the most amazing thing in the article (at least to me) was the fourteen foot layer of pigment in the bottom of the sacrificial pond, presumably washed off hundreds of years' worth of sacrifices. Fourteen FEET. Of PIGMENT. Oy.

I went to the doc today, tinkered with my medication a bit, and discussed some bloodwork I had done. All the new medication is agreeing with me - the liver and kidney output is just fine. This is a relief to me, because I had an uncle die of liver failure, and I absolutely don't want to go down that road, myself.

The Goober is two. Now she's acting like it. The other night, she put her little hands on her little hips, and put her little nose in the air, and said "No. Not gonna." The husbeast and I have agreed, it's really tough not laughing at her when she's pulling the attitude. The hands on the hips in particular cracks us up. She also likes playing with my camera:

Last night I bought a pound of pre-dyed wool to spin... I hope when it's done someone will want to buy it. At the moment I'm still spinning the silk, but it's rough. I'm taking a day off for my fingers to recover. So for entertainment, I dyed more color gradiations today:

I think tomorrow I'm gonna try doing Mermaid Tail as a long color repeat. Bwahahahah.


RobynR said...

Maya blue- saw that article the other day and immediately thought of you. How many sacrifices equals 14 feet of pigmenty goo?
Two year olds- I think that my cats (who are currently both peacefully snoozing in my lap/against my leg) have been sent to prepare me for children. Came home today to find an entire roll of toilet paper unspooled and mounded on the floor. Here I thought I could wait to backwards load the tp until I had a human that approximate height living here.

Netter said...

I desperately need the one on the left!

Denise said...

I will take the one on the right.

Roxie said...

And just like that, your yarn has a home. Yayyy!

Hands on the hips. Does anyone she knows do that?

Bunny Queen said...

(wiping drool off keyboard) Lovely, lovely yarn! When I grow up I want to be able to dye like that. Not so sure when the "grow up" part is gonna happen though; at the moment I feel more like your Goober. I should be working but I don't want to. ;)

Alwen said...

I love that National Geographic website. Fun!

Amy Lane said...

The pigment thing is grossing me out. Seriously. ew.

Can I just say that, in my house, four appears to be worse than two? Goddess go with you on that one!

Rboin said...

Ooooooh! These colors!! Just beautiful!!