Friday, February 15, 2008

It's like waking up.

And finding that it was the maid's year off.

My thyroid meds are kicking in with a vengeance, and for the first time in months (maybe years) I can think straight and feel like my brain is really 'on'. Last night I realized, you know what? My house is a fucking mess. Not just disorganized - I can handle disorganized, that's just the way life works - but dusty, and edging toward dirty.

Just in time for my in-laws to show up tomorrow, on an overnight stop between where they've been in Florida, and their home in Ohio. As always, they will be staying in my office, which doubles as a guest room when you fold out the futon. What does the office look like now? Brace yourselves.

Oh, and on the end of the futon you can't see? There are a few books that need shelved. You know. A few. I put my hand in the photo for scale.

I refuse to post pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms, but I'm amazed no one has died of typhoid yet. (Last year, the husbeast broke the toilet seat, repaired it with duct tape, and we've been using it that way ever since. IT HAS NOT BOTHERED ME UNTIL NOW.)

So. I'm gonna go find a shovel. Or a backhoe. Or maybe some gasoline and a pack of matches.

Oh, and Sekhmet is still at it.


I'm hoping to do a post on blue soon, like this weekend. Unless I'm crushed under a pile of unshelved books.


Anonymous said...

Did you know a toliet seat costs under $9 at walmart? I stopped cleaning and just buy new ones.

Sarah said...

good luck

Amy Lane said...

Nope. I'm still a bigger slacker than you. But my cats seem to be less demonically possessed... go figure...

Bells said...

oh yes, a great way to go!

I will be in the same position as you, cleaning the study by the sheer necessity of impending visitors, in about three weeks. Oh joy.

Alwen said...

Ha. So I wonder what my excuse is?

(Although I'm reading John Ratey's "Spark: : The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" -- fascinating! No wonder I feel better after raking the roof!)

I had a friend who had her cataracts done, one at a time, and her first comment after the surgery was, "I couldn't believe how bad the bathroom was!"

Anonymous said...

how is the dye work going??? Huh? Huh??

does thyroid medicine=nicer vogue reviews? I hope not.

But congrats on feeling better.


Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I love the kitty-paw of doom!