Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sekhmet, you're still a fucker.

When we adopted Sekhmet, she had been a stray for several months (we think). Due to that, she tends to associate food with security, which I suppose is understandable. About three months back, the Goober started chasing the cat for sport, and Sekhmet started hoovering up every scrap of food she could find. So I put the cat on a diet.

How does she cope, you ask?



RobynR said...

Watch her around french canadian pea soup and coffee too . . . . I knew an equally evil Mookie cat who was all about those particular people foods.

historicstitcher said...

Mine used to love angelfood cake.

One of my current cats copes with the once-a-stray mentality by eating really fast, then vomiting it up somewhere in the house to eat it again later. The other cats don't touch the vomit (go figure) but if she left it in the bowl they would.

Smart? Or sick?

I just call her my bulemic cat.