Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have this well-known pattern of behavior when I've been under the weather: As soon as I begin to feel better, I go wild, totally overdo, and get sick again. This time it's a sinus infection.

Fuck it.

Last night I finally sat down and picked up the stitches for sleeve one of the Russian Prime. It involves picking up the stitches 'in pattern', which means using both colors of yarn and essentially doing stranded color as you pick up the stitches. It's not hard, just a pain in the butt. Took about twenty minutes. Then I promptly screwed up the first round and have to go back today and pick it out. Hopefully there will be a photo of this, soon. The process used, with the pattern, is very cool, if I do say so myself.

Still spinning and giggling with glee. Turns out I spin left-handed. Who knew? (I knit kind of left-handed, I guess it shouldn't be that big a shock.) One of my big concerns was that spinning would bother my hand, but it seems to be very low-impact and I can go for hours already. Whee!!

Also researching purple. Which, it turns out, doesn't really exist. Yeah. You can puzzle over that for a while.

Look! It's Zoolander!

Yes, that's me. I don't normally look that silly. Well, okay, I do, but in a different way all my own. Geez. I look like a cardasian. No more sucking in my cheeks. Eek.


Donna Lee said...

Sorry about the sinus infection. My daughter is fighting off a nasty one. Thank goodness for sudafed. I'm avoiding her because I can't take sudafed and I suffer with sinus infections. Thanks for making spinning sound like fun. I really want to try it and everything I've read makes it sound so hard.

debsnm said...

Well, you definitely have the Spock eyebrow-lift thing down!

Amy Lane said...

Cracking up over the picture--and I'm sorry about the sinus infection. (We had an administrator once who looked like a Pherengei...)

It figures you'd spin left-handed... but of course, us lefties will rule the world.

Bells said...

that is a seriously weird and funny photo!

Glad the spinning is not hurting your hand. That would be sad.

Roxie said...

What Bells said - seriously wierd and funny! Were it not for the Star Trek Spin-offs, we wouldn't even know what you look like there.

Hope the infection is susceptible to medication.