Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Still not here.

According to the tracking number web site thingie, my spinning wheel is on a truck somewhere between Summerville (right up the road - I often use their post office) and my house, to be delivered today.

I've been listening for the truck. Just a few minutes ago I heard a truck and nearly ran out into the front yard in my jammies (yes, I'm spending the day in my jammies, and so is the Goober). Fortunately before I got the front door open, I realized it was the garbage truck.

:: twitch ::


RobynR said...

lol, in between coughing spasms, I'm doing the same thing. Some prize yarn is headed my way and I too am twitchy.

Amy Lane said...

*snark* I was like that all Saturday...and my damned package didn't arrive until last night!