Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's getting surreal around here.

Okay, okay, it's possible it has always been surreal and I'm just noticing.

Last night I was in my office, spinning, and listening to internet radio, the 80's alternative station. The Ramones came on, "I Wanna Be Sedated" and I rarely get to play loud music any more 'cause usually when I'm spinning the Goober is in bed, so... I cranked it up. I've got some good speakers on my computer, so it was pretty loud. Next thing I know, the husbeast and the Goober burst into the room and moshed around me as I tried to keep spinning while laughing so hard I could barely see. Then Echo and the Bunnymen came on, and I left the sound up, and the husbeast said "What is this, the bad flashback channel?"

Being a grownup is a lot less serious than I thought it would be, when I was a kid. Or maybe I'm in denial. Either one works for me.

And then this morning, I'm in my office again, trying to send e-mail, and the Goober comes in and starts poking through my things. She can't resist the dye supplies, especially since I got organized with them. There's also a five-gallon bucket that she loves, more normally used to soak yarn and occasionally as a dye vat. I have said "Leave the bucket alone" so many times, I'd get a tee shirt made with that on it, if she could read. Anyway, after another round of 'leave that alone' this morning, I look away for a second, and the next thing I know...

"Mumma. I stuck." I was very, very, very tempted to leave her there.

-... -

My pound of wool arrived Saturday:

I've been spinning it up; I haven't quite gotten the hang of doing it thin enough to then ply and get sock yarn. I'm getting more like worsted weight. I'll still be selling off the stuff, probably at discount prices, because if I keep all the yarn I'm going to be spinning, I'll be buried. No way I can knit it up fast enough. (If you guys are wondering at all the blue I'm using, it's easy on the eyes and it's a very popular color, meaning it'll be easier to sell.)

I chain-plied what silk I had spun and skeined it up:

Not sure if I like it or not... it'll make a freaking warm scarf, though. Maybe I can unload it on someone for Christmas. And there's still half the silk left to spin... I think I'm going to be doing a tutorial on how to draft silk hankies, because you can knit from them without bothering to spin the fiber first (silk fibers are really long and the structure of knitting holds it together).

-... -

The husbeast has volunteered us to make sloppy joes for some charity thing on Wednesday. (To give him credit, if I said no, he'd make them himself. He's not forcing me to make it.) The only thing we have that's remotely appropriate to use is the roaster I use to dye yarn with.

Sure hope it doesn't turn the food purple.


Bells said...

Love the bucket photo!

Where I come from a sloppy joe is something you wear (or did, when you were a kid). So I googled it. That'll look so cool in purple.

Amy Lane said...

First I was cracking up about the Joe's purple slop, and now I'm cracking up over Bells' reply... either way...

*snork* I would have been tempted to leave her there too...

(I wanna be sedated...)

Caroline / purplish said...

Love, love, love the photo!

Roxie said...

Looks like 9 gallons of trouble in a five gallon bucket.

Maybe you could pick up one of those disposable aluminum foil roasters and use it as a liner for the dyepot. You don't want to be stuck with pounds of purple sloppy joe stuff.

kerri said...

I couldn't actually read the rest of the post after the bucket photo because I was giggling so hard all I could see were the rest of the pics. She reminded me of an oversized weeble

Kids are crazy, great crazy, not the cross-the-street-to-advoid-them crazy. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have seen even larger buckets at a Lowes hardware and at a Tractor Supply store, get her one, take the handle off and have husbeast poke some goodly sized breathing holes on the bottom and kinda melt the edges of the poked holes so they don't scratch and Wal-la she has her own bucket big enouogh to not get stuck in and maybe keep her out of your hair for a few ;) Love your blog!!! And Yes, I would get a sepparate roaster for the dying stuff too!

Donna Lee said...

The best thing about being an adult is you can be as goofy and silly as you want because you are the adult. My girls' fondest memories are dancing around the living room to Paul Simon's "You can call me Al". Even now if I say "I'm going on a bear hunt" someone somewhere in the house will call out "Gonna catch a big one" and so on. Life is too short to not be silly.