Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let's have a contest.

Win this lovely (?) prize!

Between 120 and 150 yards (I will have a better idea once I wind it off the bobbin, and will give that more accurate figure to the recipient) of worsted-spun, three-ply merino wool. It wavers between sport and worsted weight, and is a nice, tweedy dark turquoise with flecks of everydamnthing. (For definition of the yarn weights, go here.)

What must you do to win this glorious prize? Leave me a comment, or e-mail, with suggestions for color names. Like Mermaid Tail, or Purple Trainwreck. You can include what colors it should be, or you can just give the name. I'll keep track of everyone, and next Wednesday (March 12) I will fire up the random number generator and pick someone. Multiple color names are welcome, but each person will get entered only once to keep the odds even. I'll use at least some of the name suggestions. International entries welcome; I will ship anywhere.

-... -

Thanks to the last adjustment of my medication, last Thursday, my ability to concentrate is FINALLY back, and thereby my enjoyment of many things, like reading and knitting. I started back to the gym last night, after more than a month away. We did weigh and measure first off, and it was like I never left; all my numbers were nearly identical to my last weigh and measure waaaay back in October. I got winded pretty quickly, but I hope to build back up to going every weeknight, like I was doing before that stupid idiot Colonel McCucheon cut me off all my medication in mid-December.

-... -

The Goober and Sekhmet have halted their world domination plans to declare war on each other, something like Amerca and the Soviet Union after WW2, only nastier. Hostilities commenced the other night, with incendiary Lego carpet-bombing:

Sekhmet could not be reached for comment, but I suspect will be falling back on guerilla warfare.

-... -

Trying to get motivated to change my blog template and add all the color articles to the sidebar... while I'm at it, is anyone interesting in me doing white and black, as well? Or is everyone about done with the whole color issue?

'Cause I'm reading up on Chinese art history and can go on for hours about the bronzes.


kerri said...

I'm working on a dragon right now, and this looks exactly like the colour dragon eggs would be so Dragon Egg is my vote.

And I could happily read about colour all day so whatever you feel like writing about, I would love to read.

NeedleTart said...

More color lessons, please. It just happens to work out that the color you cover is the topic of the next week's Torah lesson. They think I'm so smart.
Hmmmm purple/bluish color? Evening on the Loch.

Samantha said...

pruple (no idea where that came from)

Rachel said...

More colors. MORE COLORS. Or more of anything else, really. Bronzes are good, too.

Allison said...

Even Song, perhaps? Actually I really like Dragon Egg.

And please don't stop the color theory.

Barbara said...

The color stuff is interesting, but I like Chinese bronzes too. Color name? How 'bout Snow Shadow?

Alwen said...

We just bought a car in what I think of as "Pull Me Over Red."

When you said Chinese bronzes, the first one that came to mind was the one on the http://www.lmbric.net/ website. Textile-related and everything.

MagicChupacabra said...

Heck, I'll toss my vote into the ring here on the stuff even though I have no clue what I'd do with it since I don't knit(likely give it away to someone who does or use it to hold network cables together)

I say...Luna Blue.

cause I like the world luna.

stop judging me...

Gwyndolyn O`Shaughnessy said...

Some favorites I've come up with over the years have been "Lemon Tentacle" and "Lavender Prose." We painted my husband's home office two walls of each. It's quite nice. My alternate name for the room is "Trichromat's Nightmare," since these two are very close to the lavenderish and chartreuse-ish that a "blue-yellow" color-blind person can't see. The trim is "Whiter Than Thou."

Reds come in "Coding," "Midnight Eyes," "Thicker Than Water" and "Once a Month." Oh, and "Berry Me."

"Acid Armadillo" would be a coppery dragon-skin color. "Maple Whip" would be a barely-caramel-to-RED earth/fire combo, and "Trumpet Vein" a brassy, fiery bronze.

Yellows? "This is Important," "Handbasket (Hell In A)" and "Eating Snow."

Greens are "Beetle Wings," "Steppe sisters" and "Salome's Sixth" (or whichever sin number is Envy). There's "Goober's Peas," "Nodding Sagely" and "Money Squawks." A deep forest is "More Trees, Please," "Biomass" or "Fernish" though these are a little predictable.

For the blues, I'd choose "Another `Paxil` Holiday," "Lying Sky" or "Bar Belle." There's also "Drowning," "BlueMing" and "Emu's Egg" (though the latter is more of a teal.)

Indigo is "Nut" (ie, Egyptian goddess of the night sky), "Quamashed," and "Mood THIS."

Violet? "Golly Goth!," "Rampant," "Voila!" (sorry, another gimme) or "Wolf's Head."

Grays and pewters are "Sky," "Summer," and "Down Town." (From Seattle, tcha!)

Black-brown-and-back is "Gwyndolyn O`Shaughnessy" or "Minkblot."

Brown-black-white is "Sekhmet, you f----r."

Yes, yes I do like to play with color and with words. Why?


Rachel said...

Oh hey a color name:

Ms. Seltzer's Mendacity, shamelessly stolen from a story in the news. I'm seeing it as a very shiny light aqua.

Michelle said...

Poison Pen Blue

Yes I'd like to read articles on white and black, please.

RobynR said...

More Colour! Although bronzes are good too . . . or y'know, anything that catches your fancy. It's your blog you know.

As for the yarn . . . One Eyed One Horned Plying Purple People Warmer?

Paige Darling said...

Robin's egg-on drugs.

That's what the colors remind me of...

Crimson said...

Hello! I've been lurking for some time, only to come out of hiding today. Regarding today's post, only one thing came to mind: "Cookie Monster's Breath."

Once you get something stuck in your head, it won't come out unless you tell others about it, so I bestow unto you "Cookie Monster's Breath." This should, of course, be a blue yarn with chocolate chip flecks, or something like that.

I happily await further exposés on color!

Anonymous said...

Blue Funk (not a Brown Study).

Rose Red said...

I was going to suggest "Nice Blue Pill" but that just sounds dumb. I think you should defintely call it Cookie Monster's Breath. That name rocks.

Jennu said...

Serendipity. I'm thinking pinks and oranges.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the colors remind me of Mountain Mist.


Rachel said...

Oil Slick On Ice, for the handspun here.

Bells said...

Yep, do more colour essays!

I'm gonna suggest Duck Wing.

I have seen ducks with that shade of blue under their dull brown wing feathers.

Louiz said...

I was trying to think of a very clever name, but cookie monster breath is much better!

More black and white!

Amy Lane said...

My 4 year old has declared war on the cat too...this one's nasty, it's like Viet Nam in pre-schooler's jeans... (so glad you're feeling better!!!)

Nipple piercing pink
Babyshit yellow
Dragonbarf orange
Dust-in-the-corner brown
Adrian purple (book reference:-)
Pissed-off purple
Bun-in-the-oven blue
Black-Irish-eyed-blue (Roarke blue)
Bet-me blue
Autumn-sky blue
Barbie blue
Gandalf Gray
Bilbo's door green
Gaffer's-garden green (since I'm on LotR)
Arwen silver
Rivendell gold
Rolling Stone black

And that's not bad for 6:30 am:-)

Roxie said...

The blue on your bobbin is named "Gloaming" It's that bluish, greenish color of the sky after sunset before the stars come out.

More color studies AND Chineese bronzes. I'm greedy!

Kris Fletcher said...

Scarlet Fever (for a screaming red)
Mellow Yellow
Hershey's Kiss (deep brown)

Dang, the brain just shut down.xsly

Sarah said...

Gloaming was good and so was dragon egg, I was thinking Dark side of Opal or something of the like.

Keep up the study, if anything, it will be good reference for you, kind of like the buckeye recipe. You remember where it is and we get to share in it too.

Fortunately, my children play nice with our cat, and he takes all the 'love' fairly well or he can just go where they are not and he's 'safe'.

Donna Lee said...

I'm with Roxie. I like Gloaming. Such an evocative word. And I would love to read about bronzes and any other color you want to write about.

D said...

Butternut Cricket for something with slow gradations of pale yellow and brown. Or, for the same, but in richer (I guess more saturated) tones - Sunflower Oil.

I'd love to hear about white and black - might as well complete the set :)

Caroline / purplish said...

Winter Dawn would be a sort of silver blue and salmon mix. It might look horrible. ;)

Far Side of the Moon is a name I would like...maybe in black/silver/blue/purple or something similarly fantasy-esque.

A tweedy or spotty yarn could be called Freckles.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the articles on colour.
Blue-green haze for the yarn. Keep up the good work.

m said...

how about blue phoenix

btw love reading about colors and dyes and everything under the sun.

Alice O said...

I love it, it's beyooootiful!

Name idea: Mosaic Pool Tile

Catie said...

Keep up the colour commentaries please. And for names... well the first that I thought of was pink snot, but perhaps Candy apple red, Harvest (fall colours suggested), Buttercup (princess bride reference), marron glace (candied chestnuts - so a brown colour). K, that is all I got at the moment.

JenniferH said...

Your color essays make me feel smarter, so please continue. Ithink the "Cookie MOnster Breath" suggestion for the yarn on the bobbin is perfect,but as for other color names ... "Joy of Pop" would be splashes of Warholesque brights. "Unreasonable Red" would be shades of red with fairly unpredictable lengths of color, so it doesn't stripe, it doesn't pool, it just .... reds. "Blue Mooon" would have moonlight -like straks or patched in deep to dark but vibrant blue.

Just playing around with ideas.

catnurse said...

I think a colorway of purple/blue with creamy yellows or olive green would be a "big nasty bruise". I'm working with a similar colorway, and it's actually quite pretty.

Denise said...

Cats Eye Green
Revolution Red
Bubba Blue, couldn't resist for those of us from the South and for those from the North
Damn Yankee Yellow

ikkinlala said...

Great Green Macaw.

Jeanne said...

In The Blue, Blue, Blue of the Evening

My name for this wool