Friday, March 28, 2008

When did everyone go insane?

And how is it I didn't notice? (Okay, I'd sort of noticed I was insane, about the time I started thinking about building my own loom. But the rest of this stuff snuck up on me.)

Last night I smashed my bum hand in the pantry door. For the rest of the evening, the Goober would pretend to bonk her arm on things, stop, clutch it, and yell "OW, FUCK!" ...thankfully this morning she seems to have forgotten the new vocabulary words.

Then, through a haze of painkillers, FedEx dropped off a package. I'm sitting there thinking "Shit, did I order more wool and forget...?" but it wasn't for me. It was for the husbeast. Inside was a watch. (No idea when he ordered it, why, or how he paid for it. At the moment my stress levels are high enough and I'm not asking because I know the answers will piss me off.) Anyway. This watch does everything but wipe his ass for him. A compass, a thermometer, a BAROMETER, it even does altitude. Setting it, among other things, involved telling it how high above sea level it is, and how far the husbeast's hand is from the ground when he's walking around. Then the Goober found all the super-large buttons on it and the two of them spent the rest of the night playing with it. My only thought is "What, no microwave?"

This morning I was awakened by Sekhmet, who was standing on my back, meowing, and beating on my head with her paw. Fucker.

-... -

As if things aren't weird enough around here, I've been trying to order "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000" because the Goober's big into music and I won't mind watching them over and over. I thought this would be a simple matter of logging onto the Disney web site and paying them. But no.

A bit of backstory for those overseas - Hollywood has been claiming for years that they're losing massive piles of money to piracy and re-sold DVDs. Even though accountants and mathmaticians have proven that their statistics are bogus and it's impossible for them to lose as much as they're claiming (according to them, they lost SIX BILLION in the year 2005 alone, to pirated copies). Their solution to this is propaganda (including a web site that makes movie piracy out to be worse than child molestation and selling nuclear warheads to small middle eastern countries), and to prosecute anyone who does ANYTHING remotely threatening to their copyrights.

Because suing your customers is always such good business.

Okay. With this in mind, I logged on to Disney. No Fantasia available. It's a "Limited Edition" and isn't being released right now. WHICH MEANS TO GET A COPY I HAVE TO BUY A USED COPY, WHICH THEY CLAIM IS ILLEGAL. If the motherfuckers want to quit losing money to piracy, WHY AREN'T THE SONS OF BITCHES SELLING THE GODDAMN DVDS????? Assholes. Total assholes. I'm tempted to fire off an e-mail to Disney entitled 'you stupid morons', but I doubt they'd open it.

Only in America. Not selling a product and then getting pissed when people buy used. What in the FUCK? They deserve to lose six billion dollars. Dickheads.

-... -

Anyway, thanks to my hand smash last night, I've decided taking time off is pretty pointless, to hell with it, and I'm going to finish up spinning this teal wool. Why not? Everyone else has lost their mind. I need to join in.


Netter said...

Where did you see that it's illegal to buy a used DVD? Obviously, you wouldn't want to buy a bootleg copy, but if someone's selling their library of movies, there's no illegality. Blockbuster used to do it all the time (I'm not sure if they still do it, I haven't been to a blockbuster for years). Copyright is tricky in this day and age with digital media being to easily re-produced, but a legitimately purchased book, CD or DVD can be re-sold. If not, my company should be going after some college bookstores for selling used versions of our books!

Sarah said...

I hate Disney's stupid policy as well, I want to buy said movie and that wasn't out right now so why don't you but the one you don't want or already have instead, bullshit. I was just thinking about buying the Same movies and now I wont even bother looking. Argh.

PS Sorry if this makes no sense, I've been cleaning and I think the fumes are getting to me.

Jennu said...

That Disney policy is so obnoxious. They do a limited release so that everyone thinks they have to buy it RIGHT NOW. I own several Disney movies on VIDEOTAPE because they were limited and my mom bought them for me because 1) she thought I was still ona Disney kick and 2) so my kids could have them.

I bought my first DVD player before I met my husband, so youc an see how much sense that made. The videos are still in the shrink wrap.

I remember they pulled that with releasing Snow White to theaters a few years back. People had to choose between taking kids to see it when they were too young for somethign that scary, or risk their kid never getting to see it in the theater (the horror!).

But the Goober actually smacking her hand before swearing--that's adorable!

Allison said...

Oh ouch. How can you spin with a smashed hand?

I've got a spare VHS of Fantasia if you'd like to borrow it for the duration. I like 2000 too, but they stuck in intros to each segment that get obnoxious if you like to watch it multiple times. Fortunately they're each on a separate track so I can skip over them.

And the flip side to that non-availability is being forced to watch the commercials for them since you can't skip or fast forward through the commercials on a lot of Disney dvds. I feel like suing them for false advertising sometimes.

Anonymous said...

i may have one or both, unopened. i think my daughter has both (opened and watched) for my grandgirl.

we were going to put them on ebay at one point and didn't get around to it. now my son has messed things up so i can't get a paypal account. if i've got either/both i'd sell for the $20 i paid for each. if you're interested, just say so in your blog and i'll get in touch.

ellen in indy

Amy Lane said...

Sekhmet is a fucker, the Disney people are taking lessons, and as for the watch thing...what in the hell?

But I did want to tell you that you are having a profound effect on my family... I almost dropped something sharkp and pointy on my toe in the kitchen yesterday, and I swore, "Bloody pig-fucking hell". My teenager thought it was HILARIOUS.