Sunday, March 23, 2008

If a thing is worth doing...'s worth overdoing, I always say.

I certainly did that this weekend. 750 yards of two-ply, sport weight yarn were spun up. Then I started playing with the colors I got last week, and when I noticed that the middle of my back between my shoulder blades felt like it was on fire, I thought maybe - just maybe - I should lay off for a little while. This kind of thing has happened before; when I was knitting the Starry Night Ruana Thingie, I'd pop in the Lord of the Rings director's cut DVD and start knitting, snap out of it three hours later, and wonder why my fingers were numb. This time it's Stargate. Seasons and seasons and seasons of Stargate. With no commercials.

The good news is, I think the spinning is helping my pinch/grip strength, which has always sucked since I broke my hand. The actions of spinning are kind of like weight lifting for the small muscles of my hands and fingers. So long as I don't overdo it (again), it might actually be good for me.

It looks like there's enough of this yarn (about a thousand yards, total) to knit a sweater; I'm going to spin up the rest of the teal by itself (I'm out of the darker blue) and throw it in with random stripes. Sometime. Soon. Plain stockinette. Soon. Really.

-... -

Here is a photo of the Goober. See that earnest look on her face? How serious she is?

She was trying to explain to me why she needed jelly beans for breakfast.

She got a banana.


Amy Lane said...

My kid got a chocolate egg...and oatmeal and then a quesadilla--I got to the nutrion eventually:-) That's a great picture!!! (and kudos on the spinning--but definitely take a break:-)

Barbara said...

It's Easter, let the kid have jelly beans once a year for breakfast. I think the fruit flavored ones are nutritious. How can you refuse that little face? I was always a sucker. I'm numbing my left arm and fingers with sweater knitting.

Roxie said...

There is a whole generation of little boys growing up to be devestated by that girl.

Hot bath. Asprins. Ben Gay. Back rub.

Catie said...

Jelly beans eh?
And the spinning is amazing, seeing you spin makes me want to get out my drop spindles (and/or buy a spinning wheel...)

Anonymous said...

Dude, one must eat jellybeans for breakfast! She can come stay with auntie and get all the jelly beans she wishes (after she eats the banana. LOL)


Alwen said...

Ouch. I ate enough j-beans at Easter as a kid that the cheap sugar kind still give me sugar heartburn just looking at them. Yuck!

And I'll bet spinning is way more absorbing than the boring physio ball, eh?

Donna Lee said...

We are a leftover birthday cake for breakfast kind of family. Jelly beans are kind of stretching it, though, I agree with Barbara, the fruit flavored ones should count.

Sarah said...

They're a creative bunch aren't they. Mine got lots of sugar spread out across the weekend to where we didn't really notice how much they were having until the sugar sh*ts later. Yippie. All healthy food this week for them.

Roz said...

I'm with Roxie -- I'm locking up my year-old nephew and my friend's little boy now!