Monday, March 17, 2008

Lemonade, and stuff.

There were some questions about yesterday's lemonade post. First, the pitcher is Fiestaware, the full-size disk pitcher. Not sure it's available in yellow any longer, though. They do limited runs of some colors. But it's one of their classics, and the shape at least is always available. (Come on, you guys should have known what that was, at least those of you in the US. Fiestaware is like the Limoges or Waterford of the US.)

The recipe for the lemonade is available, here. I actually found Myer lemons at the grocery store (I was so shocked, I just stood there, boggling, for a moment). If you ARE using Myer lemons instead of regular, use more juice than the recipe calls for; it's very mild in taste compared to the paint-stripper aspect of regular lemons.

Sekhmet, that fucker, is laying on the Russian Prime. And the Goober is talking to her toes.

I'm anxiously awaiting my book on color in spinning, and my sampler bag of twelve (fourteen?) colors of wool roving.

And I'm still looking at looms.

In. Sane.

And these two aren't helping.


Donna Lee said...

Fiesta ware is one of my favorites. I promised myself that when my children move out, I will but a set in all different colors. Right now, they drop so many things that I am always buying replacement pieces. I can't afford to keep replacement Fiesta Ware! And the husbeast and the goober are too helping, they're getting ready for spring with their cool sunglasses.

Camille said...

My mother, in her infinite wisdom, purchased a myer lemon tree a few years ago. And it's produced almost no lemons. However, she also picked up a lime tree. The lime tree has had fruit on it continuously for the past four years... We like that tree!

Roxie said...

Where do you get those shirts for the Goober? I LOVE 'em! The husbeast is rather well along on the cute side, too.

Amy Lane said...

Now that's a GREAT picture!!!

OKay...anything ceramic in my house has a limited life...we've hidden anything pretty.

Alwen said...

I need a shirt like that for my DOG! Especially in the summer when he's been catching and eating grasshoppers all day!

Er, do they come in 38 or 39" chest?