Friday, March 07, 2008


Haven't talked about those in a while. But first, a word about the photo from yesterday with the wild baby. See that huge white streak on the back of my head? That's a giant cowlick. If I cut my hair as short as the Goober's, it would look just like hers in that photo, only in black and white.

Anyway. Books.

I have this Dorling-Kindersley addiction. They're a British publishing firm that does mostly refrence books, with tons of sidebars, extra bits, and PICTURES. EVERYWHERE. I love me some pictures. And maps. And charts. So they have been publishing this history of the world book for a while:

It was kinda (okay, a lot) pricey, so I just drooled from a distance. But about a week ago, I found it on sale. With a further discount for being a member of the book store mailing list. So I bought it and am reading it now. It's six hundred pages long. I've already identified at least a thousand ideas for knitting. Oy. If only I'd had a text book like this in HS, I might have paid more attention in class.

Then, some folks have mentioned they're trying to learn to spin. In part due to my nefarious influence. So I feel honor bound to suggest my favorite spinning book:

The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, by Lynne Vogel. There are three sections in the book: dye methods, spinning, and knitting socks. While the spinning information is slanted toward drop spindles, there is still a horde of information in there useful to wheel spinners also: it's got the best discussions of pre-drafting and using color in spinning that I've yet found. (I know there is a book entirely devoted to spinning with color, and I'm getting it, but it's pricey and this book covers a lot for the price.) At the moment, this book is probably the one I find myself refering to most, either for dye or spinning information.

Oh, and one last thing.

And I have to go out this afternoon to chase down my doc about a perscription. Nothing but good times ahead.


Denise said...

I get to drive from Charleston to Asheville today! Lucky us.

Donna Lee said...

We are getting the other end of that storm tonight and tomorrow. Good times, indeed. Thankfully this is not a grocery shopping weekend. I used to look a lot like that wild child. I had scarlet fever in 8th grade and the curl all but faded out of my hair. If I let it grow, it waves but the ringlets are gone.

Anonymous said...

Answering some past posts, but first thanks for your blog - I'm totally addicted to the myriad delights you bring us - my first choice always! Regret being too slow to be a test knitter - (have used your patterns & yarns - will send pix when I figure out how) You mentioned black & white - not sure what you mean, but I vote definitely YES! - if it interests you, it'll be fascinating. B&W photography is magnificent, showing details blurred in color photog. Now a question: Whatever became of the "mystery" knit you worked on eons ago... green, wasn't it? Did I miss that?

Roxie said...

Cowlick is a fascinating word. Time to track down the OED and look it up. Your curley goober is adorable!

Wear a wid-brimmed hat and keep your head down while outside, so you don't drown. Good luck!

Amy Lane said...

Wow--that is some storm! (And I'm gonna have that adorable Goober picture stuck in my head all day!)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sending that storm to me. Talk about friendship.

I am intrigued at it hard?