Thursday, November 08, 2007

Maybe Sekhmet needs the drugs.

Earlier today I was feeling no pain, and the cat was on my lap, so I started rubbing her head, chanting "kitty kitty kitty".

Then she bit me.

Then I flung her across the room, chanting "fucker fucker fucker".

Then I began laughing uncontrollably.

The husbeast gave me That Look.

Woohoo! No migraine!! Wheeeeeee!


Roxie said...

Oh the bliss of a pain-free life! Be as giddy as you like. You have pre-paid.

Amy Lane said...

hee hee hee hee --I'm laughing with you, yes I surely am! Emjoy the giddy, o conqueror of kitty, when there is no pain, dignity goes down the drain...

I'm done.

debsnm said...

Better living through chemistry!