Friday, November 16, 2007

Bloody weather.

The week started with weather in the forties (about 5 C). Wednesday was in the eighties (26 C), and now it's back down to the fifties again. It's no wonder I'm having migraines. I'm starting to wonder why EVERYONE doesn't have migraines. (Keep in mind, I've been in this area for two and a half years, but before that I lived in a place where a five degree temperature shift was a big deal, and this fifty degrees between day and night bullshit NEVER happened.) We're hoping this is the end of the yo-yoing, and the weather is finally cold to stay. That and a shift in my hormone cycle (I will spare you the details) gives me hope that my migraines will be gone soon. They've already backed off significantly.

Add in that my new medications have kicked in, and I feel almost human.

Wednesday, I had to go to the pharmacy to pry more migraine drugs out of them, and I drove there and back with the windows down. Even though I had a migraine from hell, I knew I had to get the Goober outside, even if it was just to run around in the yard.

Due to the migraines, she's mostly been out at night the last couple weeks (poor kid, being raised by vampires). When we went outside Wednesday, the first thing she said was "Oh dee, leafs on de droun." (Oh dear, leaves on the ground.) Then she ran about inspecting the vegetation (as a plant freak, I'm so proud).

Eventually she settled down in the drive, sifting through piles of leaves and acorns, holding everything up for inspection and for me to name it. Here, she's got an acorn (and yes, she can say acorn, but she thinks it's two words - a corn):

After a good bit of plant inspection, I finally got her to play soccer for a little while; at least, soccer as understood by a two year old.

David Beckham, eat your heart out.


Roxie said...

What does she call the yellow seeds you have for dinner? And when your book comes out, will you be a nauthor? She's such a dear!

Hope the migraines settle down soon!

Donna Lee said...

David Beckham never looked so cute, even on a good day. After the wind and rain yesterday, I was saying, oh dear, the leafs on the ground, too. How sad.

Louiz said...

my own little soccer freak keeps calling the ball "pitbull" (football) which probably gives you an indication as to the accent round here!

And ouch on the migraines:(

Alwen said...

I must be a mumum, I understood without the translation. (That's just about the age at which I got a paddling for pulling a whole fan of iris leaves apart, trying to find out where they came from in the middle.)

I'd send you to the "Eggcorn Database," but that makes my head hurt in a completely unmigrainish way.

Amy Lane said...

We spent a giddy afternoon feeding 'a corns' to a bunch of goats one fall... lots of fun! And the pictures are...sweet. Delightful. Wonderful. Fall at it's best. And she definitely has more star appeal than Beckham.