Sunday, November 25, 2007

Actual knitting content.

Two more little pink points to go, then I join them up into two circles and knit the centers. (This is based on the flower washcloth in "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick, but with smaller 'petals' on the flower.) These are the nipple warmers - in reality, wool inserts to go inside a bra, and keep the ol' boobs warm. These are going to a friend of mine who is rather well-endowed and complains of cold boobs in the winter. Hopefully they'll work.

The Russian Prime body is done - the shoulders are bound off. I made a mistake in the last pattern round that I didn't notice until after it was bound off, so I'm going to do the old duplicate stitch fix-it. (Some day I'd like to knit something that I didn't have to fix later.) Then I think I'm going to do all the finishing - sew the hem, do the ribbing at the neck, and darn in ends - before I start on the sleeves. It's a nice break from the knitting and less finishing to do at the end that way. Forgot to take a photo. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

Otherwise, we're still eating leftovers (last night was turkey risotto). I had to make a second pumpkin pie because no one else got any of the first pie... I ate it all. (They had lemon and key lime to keep them busy, it's not like I starved them.)

We went shopping. The Goober got a hat.

Now I'm going to go shopping again. And wrangle the kid while Christmas lights are put up. And maybe knit some more pink points.


Amy Lane said...

She looks like a very fashonable wrangle-ee... (our leftovers were gone before I got back from shopping on Friday--I'm sort of jealous...)

Teresa said...

The nipple warmers are very intriguing... are you going to have the center flat, like the flower washcloth, or rounded into a more boob-like shape?

RobynR said...

You are planning on posting completed pictures of the nipple warmers I hope?
The hat is adorable as is the Goober.

Olivia said...

the hat is fantastic! She could pull off one of those knitted newsboys for sure.

Donna Lee said...

The goober looks born to wear hats. I am jealous as I look like a dork no matter what hat I put on. So I avoid them even in the winter. It has to be pretty darn cold for me to wear a hat.

Bells said...

She looks like a cool dude. :-)

Nipple warmers. Hilarious idea!

Roxie said...

What a little clothes-horse (or perhaps a clothes pony at this age.) Everything you put on her looks darling.

Yes, please do post pictures of finished nipple-warmers.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Oh geez, I never even considered nipple warmers! I'm so making some for myself.