Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh, geez.

Remember the hole in the sock?

Well. The Goober was just running around the living room in her Baby Surprise Jacket and I noticed something weird, so I stopped her and took a look. There's a hole in the front of it.

So I said something like "Oh no, a hole in your jacket!"

And the Goober said "Shit!"

Glad to know I've made a lasting impression on the kid.


Alwen said...

You mean that thing fits her already?

Gah, and look, tomorrow is December! I've made comments on Aussie blogs today where it already IS December!

I'll try to say this four-letter word quietly, but you don't have, er, (moths), do you? (Or some worse sub-tropical fiber-eater?)

Sheepish Annie said...

And they say kids today don't listen...

Roxie said...

Golly, I wonder where she learned that earthy word? Can you teach her to say manure instead? I think it would be hilarious for that curly-headed angel to get frustrated and hollar, "Manure!"

Paige Darling said...

When my brother was little my parents tried very hard not to swear around him but once my dad got very angry and yelled "God Dammit!". My brother said nothing, but about 2 weeks later, that phrase just popped up whenever something bad happened (blocks falling down, soiling his diaper) so eventually my mother threatened him with eating soap. So, next time his blocks fell over, "God Dammit Eat Soap!"

So you're not the only one to have left an impression on your kid.

Sarah said...

rofl, too funny, i'm tellin' ya mine and yours need to get together, we would think we had a couple of saliors.