Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Comment roundup.

There've been some questions and comments, and I have nothing to blog about today (I've even run out of cool shoes), so I'm doing the fallback; comment on the comments.

First up, the nipple warmers in progress. You get a better idea how they work.

They should be about five inches across, once they're washed and blocked. You get the idea.

Forgot, again, to take a photo of the Russian Prime. At this stage I'll probably wait until I cut the neck steek before I take a photo. (Three steeks on this sweater, and it's not even a cardigan. Whee.)

There were questions about what kind of pan to bake the Fruit Brick in, and how to prepare the pan ahead of time. The pan doesn't really matter; just adjust the bake time as needed (but don't ever use glass). This year I baked the Fruit Brick in a pie tin (to see what would happen), and it came out quite good. I called it Fruit Frisbee. When I make it, I just butter the pan, but if you wanted to get wild and crazy, you could line the pan with baking parchment, which is normal for making fruit cake. This bread is moist enough, though, that you don't really have to worry about it sticking.

Someone else asked why I got stuck pulling Sekhmet out of my mother-in-law's suitcase. The fact is, our cat's a bitch. I'm the only human in the world she's got any respect for, and even that's like the respect a person gives their pillow. She's got all her claws, and likes to bite, so no one else in the family will go near her. I'm considered mildly insane for wrestling with her, actually. Don't get me wrong - she doesn't attack other people. She ignores them (unless they try to pet her - then she swears and smacks them). I get chewed up because I'm constantly playing with her and wrestling her around. So when the cat laid in the suitcase, nobody else in the house was going to touch her. (Other than a bunch of growling and hissing, she didn't do anything.) At the moment, Sekhmet is doing her favorite daytime, cold-weather thing:

In fact, that looks pretty good. I may go try it, myself.


Amy Lane said...

We used to have a cat that would come up from the bottom of the bed under the covers. I eventually skinned her--but not for that. (Okay, the skinning was a complete accident.)

Alwen said...

One of my SCA friends has a cat much like that -- named "Zuul".

(Zuul had a brother named Gozer, who unfortunately succumbed to feline leukemia.)

Zuulie is definitely a look but don't touch cat. I haven't been nailed yet, but I haven't tried to touch her either!

Jilly Bean said...

Our friends have a cat like that, Lilu. Many of our more ambititious (or stupid) friends like to try and pet her, and usually get a big scratch on the hand for their trouble.

I've always tried to keep my distance, which may be why she tends to climb into my lap.

Roxie said...

Well, now we know who the bravest person in your house is. Cat wrangler extraordinaire!

The nipple warmers are cute. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Bowhaha! Julie the Cat Wrangler, I love it!

My grandma had a cat like that named Barbie. I swear the cat would lay in the hall right by the bathroom to scare the crap out of us (no pun indended, lol.) My sister and I cheered when it died. She was that mean.

Trish J.

Carson said...

nipple warmers?!
fruit bricks?!
what have I been missing out on?

by the way, I'm with Sekhmet on staying under the covers; very sensible.