Thursday, November 15, 2007


Remember the ugly socks? (If not, they're sport socks I knit last winter with a test-dyed yarn that was really ugly.) I've worn them about, oh, five times. Today I had them on, with my feet up on the foot stool, and the Goober walked over and said "Look, Mumum. Hole." and stuck her finger through the sole of my sock, between my toes.

I jerked off the sock, saw the hole in the bottom, and yelled, "SHIT."

The Goober giggled and said with that perfect intonation kids do, "SHIT! SHIT SHIT SHIT!"

I had actually gotten her to quit saying shit and start saying oops. Shot that all to hell today.

Plus there's a bloody damned hole in my sock.


Plus, the new J D Robb novel is out, and the husbeast was a prince and brought it home for me today, so I sat down and read it. I decided to knit while I was reading, because I'm an idiot, and inevitably screwed up the Russian Prime and now I've got to pull it off the needle and rip back two rounds.

I've also been doing unsanctioned knitting. Should be photos tomorrow; it's not much, and it's going fast. Should be done tonight. You won't be terribly impressed, but I'll own up to blowing the 'project monogamy' thing less than a month into the whole idea.

Damn it, I don't wanna rip back the Russian Prime. Or darn the damn hole in my sock. Or try to convince my kid, AGAIN, to quit saying 'shit'.



Bells said...

wow that's fast. You must be really hard on your socks!

Donna Lee said...

That is one of the hardest words to un-teach. I know this by experience.

Alwen said...

Remember that holes stretch open -- it doesn't look like it's really that big, just a stitch or two. Think of it as grafting.

(This from someone who had to put the dragon skin bag down for months after darning shut the hole the dog chewed because the knitting was in a plastic bag.)

My husband pointed out that when the child was learning to speak, he would pick out the words we put the most emphasis on, which is invariably the ones you'd rather they didn't repeat to the gramas and aunties in their lives!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

oops backwards is s-poo. just sayin'.

Amy Lane said... 4 year old can say 'crap' really well... embarrassing as hell. And as for a hole in a new sock? Well, shit!!!!

allicats said...

Try substituting 'sugar' -- gives you a chance to change words in mid-shriek.

Of course, my daughter knew what was being changed, so she would say in her nice, clear voice "We say 'sugar' now, don't we Mommy?" making it very clear to everyone in hearing that she also knew that other word.

Anonymous said...

I started the new JD Robb book too. Its amazing that I get any work done.