Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not a creature is stirring.

It's mid-afternoon here, I put the Goober down for a nap, turned around, and the husbeast was in OUR bed, napping. I'm the only one awake here (other than Sekhmet). It's a bloody strange state of affairs; usually I'm the one semi-conscious on the couch.

The weather has begun leveling off (only a twenty degree temp difference last night, instead of forty or fifty), and my migraines are getting milder. I knew it would happen as soon as I went to the doctor -- isn't that always the way??

Earlier today, I started messing around with the South Park avatar maker thingie. I'm probably the last person on the internet to discover it, but there's the link for you on the off chance you're further behind on pop culture than I am.

I made an avatar of me, with the idea of putting it on the blog.

The husbeast walked in as I was saving it, began laughing uncontrollably, and said "Oh my gosh, that is YOU." He particularly liked the camo pants, but told me the outfit wouldn't be spot-on until I figured out how to put orange flip-flops on. Not sure that's possible. But you get an idea of my fashion sense.

So I made one of the Goober. You know, to save time when she starts her own blog next month.

The husbeast and Goober were, by this time, hanging over my shoulder, giggling and pointing, so I made one of the husbeast, for good measure.

So there you go. Our lovely, geeked out, slob family, in all it's South Park glory.

We're really too easily amused around here.

Now I've gotta go fix the Vogue Knitting photos while everyone's leaving me alone, so I can maybe review the holiday issue before the new spring and summer one comes out.


Anonymous said...

Bowahahaha! Since I've met you all in person, those SP characters are so close to home it's SCARY. I about died laughing. I want to make one of me.

Trish J.

Roxie said...

OK,now I have to go make my own avatar! I squealed with glee at yours.

Amy Lane said...

Buhahahahaha...that's a riot!!! The Goober is spot on!!!!!!

Bells said...

too funny. I think they all look like you!