Friday, November 30, 2007

I am the world's biggest idiot.

Remember those new drugs I switched to? Yeah. Well. One of them is a really strong anti-inflammatory. Other than pain control, they also thin the blood, and one way you can tell you're taking too many is if you start bruising easily. Two nights ago, I noticed that my legs look like someone pounded on them with a hammer. So I skipped my daily doses of the new anti-inflammatory. Guess what?

The migraine's gone.

Yup. I still think the changing weather had something to do with it (I always get bad sinus migraines, spring and fall), but apparently this new drug is what put it over the top into "worst migraines since I fractured my skull" territory. Only took me, what, seven weeks to figure out? Gee, I'm not STUPID or anything.

So today I feel better than I have in two months, even though I've got a sore throat, sinus problems, and my knees and hand are killing me. Which makes me feel like even more of an idiot, but I can't quite figure out why.

-... -

Anyway. Knitting. I've set myself some goals. No, not one of those "knit a sweater in three weeks" goals that I do occasionally when I lose my mind. These are pretty simple.

I need to get out tonight and buy embroidery floss to sew up the neck and hem of the Russian Prime.

I'd also like to finish the nipple warmers this weekend. The one's almost done, and the other is about halfway. I could probably finish them in an afternoon if I sit down and concentrate. THAT is unlikely to happen, but I should manage it spread out over two and a half days.

Once the nipple warmers are done, for my next small carry-around project, I want to knit another Baby Surprise Jacket. They're addictive, I swear. And I've got a newphew who could use one. The yarn would come out of the stash. I'd feel so virtuous.

Maybe I'll luck out and have another good day of knitting. You never know.


Amy Lane said...

The image of a nipple wearing ear-muffs is taking over my brain... but I AM really glad your migraine is gone...I would imagine it was hard to put 2 and 2 together when you were in massive, massive pain!

Alwen said...

No question, they are addictive. I think it's the Pringle-like potato-chip shape.

Certain migraines, it takes me about half an hour of steadily increasing confusion to realize, Doh! Migraine!

Of course, by then I'm probably spelling that "mihriwner" and trying to dig my eye socket out with the fireplace poker . . .