Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Knitting good.

Some days are better than others, when it comes to knitting. I'm sure you've all experienced the phenomenon: some days you can't do anything right. Other days, it's almost like you could drop a ball of yarn and it would assemble itself into a perfectly knit sock. Today was one of those do-no-wrong days for me. (At least with the knitting. We shall not discuss the rest of the day. Nope.)

I was getting ready to knit the neckband with some size four/3.5 mm double-points, and thought 'heck, I'll look in my circular needles and see if there's something there' even though I didn't think I had ANY size four circulars, let alone one the right length. And there, still in it's package, was a twenty inch (perfect size for neckbands) size four needle. An Addi Turbo, no less. I think the Needle Fairy left it one night when I wasn't looking.

When I cut the neck steek, I didn't accidentally snip any stranded-color floats, or hack a hole in the chest, or anything.

When I picked up the stitches, I only had to do it once. Even though I didn't count them as I did it, it came out to an even number, which I needed for the K1, P1 rib that I'm doing around the neck.

The cat laid on me the whole time without chewing me, the needles, or the yarn.

Truly, a fantastic day. Other than the rampaging two year old and being sick. Yup. It was a good day. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Good. Day.


Alwen said...

Boy, we all deserve to luck into a day like that once in a while.

Rather than the after-school migraine, followed by the stupid hemicrania episode with right eye swollen shut. Migraines bad!

The Russian Prime is dazzling. And it's in my college colors, woo hoo!

KnitTech said...

Can you find where I have misplaced my size 1 ebony DPNS? Since you're having a good knitting day.

Sweater looks kewl!

Roxie said...

That sweater is stucking funning! What a master knitter you are! And how wonderful to find the perfect circs. The knitting Goddess is looking out for you.

It seems that the cat is kinder to you when you are sick. Sorry you have to be sick so often though. And doesn't a two year old just fill up a house when you are feeling fragile?

Anonymous said...

Yay! So good to have a perfect knitting day.

My friend, a new knitter, asked when she'd stop making mistakes, dropping stitches and forgetting to do pattern changes. I just laughed and welcomed her to the knitting world!


Donna Lee said...

God, it's nice to have a good knitting day like that once in a while. It (almost) makes all the "I'm so stupid,I can't follow a pattern" days ok. The sweater looks great. I haven't figured out how you knit that and read at the same time.

Amy Lane said...

I LOVE knitting days like that. All two of them. Uhm sweater? ROCKS OUT LOUD!!! Nice job--I'm glad it's for you!!!

Trudy said...

oooh--if I could only have ONE perfect day (knitting, of course!) like that, I'd probably have an accident climbing the stairs or something and die--but die HAPPY, of course. VERY HAPPY!!

But, I'll never be able to knit like you in a million years, so I figure if I don't have to rip something 40 rows back, I'm having a pretty goood day....;-0