Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One-fourth done.

With the Pinwheel Jacket border.

As you can see, the edge I chose appears to have a natural curve to it anyway - all to the good. I need forty repeats, and that's ten. I can't help but think of all the thousands of hand-knit bedspreads made over the centuries, all with knit-on borders like this, only there'd be something like a hundred or two hundred repeats, instead of forty. It makes me whine a little less. Just a little.

I'm thinking a couple more pattern repeats, and then back to Tut, Tut. This stuff is exactly why I keep two patterns going at once; no boredom. Or at least, very little. Right now I've got the ideal combination - Tut Tut is zombie knitting I can do while reading a book, but the Pinwheel edge I have to pay attention to every minute. So I can do either intense or easy knitting depending on my mood. (I try to do exactly this combination at all times, but by reading my blog archives you can see I rarely pull it off this neatly.)

There was a question in the comments a while back (sorry I took so long to get to it) about how much yarn was needed to knit a blanket. All I can say is, find a similar pattern in a similar size and gauge, and see how much it calls for. OR, you can knit up one ball of the yarn you intend to use, figure out how much area it covers (square feet or square centimeters), and work with that to guess how much yarn you need. Then buy some extra, just in case. If there's a knit-on edge like the Pinwheel Jacket, the edge will use more yarn than you can possibly imagine; the entire body of the Pinwheel took about six balls of yarn. The edge is taking eight.

Apparently there is a new Vogue Knitting on the newsstands. Something about a 25th anniversary edition. I plan to go in search of it tonight, after I hit the gym. Brace yourselves for a review, coming soon.


debsnm said...

Oh, goodie! I was afraid I'd missed the rant - can't wait!

Dana said...

Oh, I've seen the previews. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Jejune said...

The lace is looking *predictably* gorgeous :)

Looking forward to the scathing attack - ooops - meant beautifully reasoned critique of VK.