Friday, August 24, 2007


And anyone else who has ever done a seamless saddle-shoulder sweater/jumper:

Bells and I need some help, tweaking her jacket. To help her out, I need some measurements. I need to know how big-around (chest measurement) your jacket is, and how long the second part of the S-shaped shoulder decreasing is (the part where the decreases run in a vertical line along one of the vertical pattern lines - in my directions it's the second stage of part one's shoulder shaping). Just lay a ruler on the shoulder and measure how long that part of the decreasing is.

Centimeters or inches, doesn't matter to me. I just need to know the ratio between chest measurement and that part of the shoulder decreasing (there is a ratio, I swear). That way we can make sure it's long enough on Bell's sweater.

Leave me a comment here, or e-mail, makes no difference.



Bells said...

ah, crisis management. I love it.

Louiz said...

Mine is approximately 115 cm around and 18 cm on the second part of the decrease. I say approximately because I had great difficulty measuring as my tape has gone missing so I used a ruler which was not very long. I'll measure it again once I find my tape if you need a more precise measurement.

Cindy said...

The second part of the shoulder decreasing was 6.5 inches. The chest measurement was 49 inches. Hope this helps.