Tuesday, August 28, 2007

September sweater.

I'm getting an early start. I spent the morning measuring the swatch and running figures:

This thing is knit side-to-side and my row gauge is WAY off. I'm hoping that gravity will fix the problem (it's knit with alpaca/tencel blend, which traditionally does have a lot of 'hang' and drape to it). This should be interesting.

Wasting no time, I cast on for the sleeve:

As you can see, I've got the hem (the stockinette bit) and a bit of the sleeve itself done. One good thing, my mother-in-law has short arms. So this should go pretty fast. I hope.

Official Strikke-along signup starts September 1. Anyone got a suggestion for a button?


Amy Lane said...

Fair Isle work? (Lame... sorry I said anything...) How about "Let's shriek about strikking!" (Also lame...) How about "Strikke One!" (hobbling about on a wooden leg with a plastic crutch!) How about "Strikke'ly speaking, I love to strikke!" (I'm going to stop now before someone traces where I live through the bloglines and strangles me in my sleep before I pun again...)

Caroline said...

A lopi pattern? A knitting viking? I have really no idea. :/

Brewgal said...

A Viking ship?

debsnm said...

Funny, I was gonna email you and ask questions about the Strikke-Along, and here you go, being all psychic an' stuff. KnitPicks shipped my order yesterday, I ordered half the yarn and the needles, will get the rest next month. a button??? How about a snowflake pattern? Although the knitting Viking sounds good, too! When does the actual knitting start and are you gonna make us swatch????

Alwen said...

A Viking with the knitting on her horned helmet?