Saturday, August 18, 2007

Still alive.

And generally feeling like crap. I don't know what's going on. Could be some evil combination of PMS, intestinal flu, and nutritional weirdness. Or it could be my thyroid - I never have heard back from the idiot doctor I saw two weeks ago.

But, anyway. I continue to crochet at the Pinwheel while waiting for an Elann order to get here. Then it's swatching for the September sweater. (Jumper. Whatever.) September is the first of two Christmas sweaters; then October is the Strikke-along, then November is the second Christmas sweater. Yup. Leaving it late this year. You guys may yet get a round of shrieking and stress and spazzing out around here. (Odds are certainly in favor.)

Otherwise, there's not a lot going on. We went out for a nice drive before dinner last night. The husbeast couldn't resist driving through some puddles.

Unfortunately, it hasn't rained here in a while, and the mud is the consistency of fresh cement. About as sticky, too. We used baby wipes to clear off the head lights, so we could get home.

Nothing but good times ahead.


Alwen said...

Low blood-chocolate level? Toxing (is that a word) on Lortab?

Still alive is good.

Looked at way too much yarn today.

Amy Lane said...

I swear I crapped blood for two months this year because of Tylenol... sometimes painkillers just really mess with your body...

Okay--I used to think that people 'just out for a drive' were the biggest geeks in the world--then I grew up and realized that you could strap the babies in the car seats, tell the bigger kids they were too far away to talk to them, have a relatively sane conversation with your husband and still call yourself a good parent. Your drive looks like it rocked.

Roxie said...

And if you didn't have baby wipes, you could have used the husbeast's t-shirt - right?

How's your gall bladder?

Louiz said...

At the risk of being personal, how are your menstral cycles? Mine going right out of sync was the first obvious symptom of my thyroid problems. But alive is indeed good:)