Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's wheat straw.

Since getting this new yarn, the stuff called "Celery", I've been trying to place exactly where I've seen the color before. It's an odd green with yellow-gray overtones. I finally placed it. Wheat straw that's not quite dried out yet. (Those of you who grew up in cities, just forget it - it looks like dried grass.)

If I can get over the color NOT being celery, I think I'll like it. Eventually. The pattern is "Dot Stitch", a variation of Seed Stitch without as much knit-purl-knit-purl insanity. You can see from the way the cast-on and cast-off are on waste thread, I'm dead serious about getting an accurate gauge. Barring anything REALLY strange happening in the wash, I'm close enough to gauge and can start knitting by tomorrow night. To hold to my one-sweater-a-month plan, it needs to be done by October.

Oh, and for those of you expressing worry about me knitting another sweater on size one needles, no. This one's on a size fives (3.75mm), with the sleeve cuffs done on fours. If I ever do another sweater on ones (and I'm not saying I will), I'm going to keep it for myself.

-... -

There has been quite a discussion about the Key Limes. The martini I invented is actually based on a Lemon Drop (lemon martini), so you can substitute other citrus juices, including regular lime, and produce something drinkable. The husbeast says to warn everyone, if you're mixing up keytinis by the pitcher, no matter how much you stir the drinks when you pour, the last drink will pucker your head inside out. He didn't seem to find that off-putting enough to not drink it, though.

Alwen has also pointed out that Key Lime juice makes a lovely drink similar to lemonade. I've got a from-scratch Amish Country lemonade recipe around here somewhere, complete with secret ingredient, if you guys are interested. Let me know.

-... -

Over at Cast On, Brenda and the gang have developed tongue-in-cheek knitting merit badges, including patches for knitting under the influence (they need one with pill capsules on it, as well as the one with the martini glass), injuring yourself with a knitting needle, and being rejected by assorted knitting magazines. I'm trying to decide exactly how to use mine, but I think I need a new blog header. Maybe a whole new design for the blog. (This last design is based entirely on the colors of the Starry-Night Ruana Thingie, but I think I need to get over the lunacy that was the Starry Night Ruana Thingie.)

At any rate, go check out the badges, they're fun. One I want to actually get and physically attatch to my knitting bag is this one:
The "I will crush you with my math prowess" badge. If I'm gonna have the rep, I want the patch.


Anonymous said...

i like the color, but it might not be right for your mil. Hold the swatch up to a picture.


Jess said...

Thanks for posting the badges from Cast On. I know I've read/heard about them somewhere but then forgot about them. I mean, I was only in the Girl Scouts for 5 years as a kid, so it's not like I have an affinity for that sort of thing.

I might be de-lurking right now, too. I can't remember. If so, I really enjoy your posts and the variety of stuff you blog about.

Bells said...

those badges are cool. I've been meaning to get to putting a couple on my blog. The under the influence one is so definitely me.

Lola said...

Yes . . . i'm interested in the Amish lemonade recipe . . .

RobynR said...

Oooooh, amish lemonade would be wonderful. It'll give us something to do with any excess produce from our fruit salad tree :)

Amy Lane said...

I'll have to look those up...and I do know what wheat grass is...what a peculiar color to dye something