Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards.

Yup, someone nominated me! Apparently every time someone votes for me, my standing changes and my placement in the list moves and I'm not where I was any more. To vote for me, go to and log in or create an account. Then click on "Hobby Blogs" and find me in there - right now I'm around page thirty. OR, you can just do a search for Samurai Knitter. Either way, there will be a short description of my blog, and a little window that shows the number of votes I have (four at the moment); it has a little yellow button below it that says 'vote'. Click on that, and it'll turn green and the number of votes will go up by one.

Ooooh. This is so exciting.


Bells said...

I can't find you. :-(

But when I do, you have my vote.

Sheepish Annie said...

My vote is cast! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

i just checked, you have 17 votes!!!!
the baby is cute and I'd want one of those baskets too

Anonymous said...

Except you're nominated with an "adult content" notice.......weird!