Wednesday, August 22, 2007


We're deep in the midst of birthday celebrations here. The Baby doesn't turn two until September, but this is when everyone could get leave, and drive down to visit, and so this is when we're celebrating.

Last night, we had the birthday dinner, with cupcakes.

The cupcakes are a traditional recipe from my family. I topped them with icing made with Bailey's Irish Creme. (My grandmother, who made these all the time, would have quietly disapproved of making icing with booze. Then she'd have tasted them and admitted that it was pretty good.) We all had cupcakes for breakfast this morning. There are about six left. I think I'm gonna have another when I'm done writing this blog post.

After the cupcakes, we opened presents.

A good time was had by all.

This morning, we went on out to the driveway to try out all the new outdoor toys, including a sand and water table - sort of like a sand box, but with more mess, and you can do it standing up.

Still getting the hang of the Big Wheel.

Knitting? Well, I picked out the thumb trick for the first of the sleeves on the Pinwheel Jacket last night. I could probably make a good start of it, if I'd quit eating cupcakes and sit down and actually work on it.

Maybe I'll do that.

After another cupcake.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Baby! And how are you feeling about this, mom? My own Baby turned two last week. Believe it or not, millions of miles away, here in Canada, we also celebrated with cupcakes, a Dora big wheel (in lieu of the original water table)... must be that 2-year-old vibe. BTW I think only a man would invent a sand AND water table - makes a mighty big mess, right?

Bells said...

Happy birthday to the Baby! Looks like she was spoiled rotten - as she deserves to be. Love the adult cupcakes!

Donna Lee said...

My girls all got big wheels when they were small. Emily learned to ride it easily- but backward. She couldn't push the pedals in the right direction. We laughed and laughed. She is 21 now and we still laugh about it.

Amy Lane said...

Happy birthday, baby! It seems like just yesterday I was watching her turn one!!! *sniff*

The cupcakes look wonderful--and I imagine you're just enjoying all the attention your beautiful offspring so justly deserves.