Thursday, August 09, 2007

What I did today.

Yes, that's pencil on graph paper. The bright green bits are just landmarks in the pattern; they'll be knit up in the same color as the gray pencil. This might be my mother-in-law's Christmas sweater, in sage green and beige. I'm dithering between this, original design, or doing "Russian Prime" from "Meg Swansen's Knitting". Either way it'll be knit in the round with steeked arm holes and a square neck line. We'll see how far ahead I am in the "Knit a sweater a month" plan when I start it; that'll decide whether it'll be an original pattern (takes longer) or someone else's pattern.

I also started on the yoke of Tut Tut.

Then I decided it looked like shit, ripped it out, and am now knitting an all-white ribbed raglan sweater with bell sleeves. Fuck it.

My child has begun wearing socks on her hands. I guess if you're two and never done it before, it's interesting.

And Sekhmet, that fucker, has been helping me knit.

Needless to say, it's been a bad day. After a week of really healthy eating, I lost my head tonight, went on a binge, and ate half a candy bar.

Fuck it.


Jacquie said...

Just imagine if the random generator of life struck and things were different, i.e. the husbeast helped with the knitting, sekhmet wore the socks and the baby ate the candy was just so much easier the original way wasn't it?
ofzntt-my official tag this time!

Sheepish Annie said...

Half a candy bar probably won't do much damage. If you completely deny yourself a little of the sweet stuff then you'll just end up gorging on it when your resistance is low.

Camille said...

It's actually been studied. If you are so diligent about your diet that you NEVER stray, when you eventually do, it's catastrophic.

Therefore, half a candy bar here and there is actually GOOD for your diet!

I can't be bothered digging out the references for this though. I'm supposed to be doing housework even though a ball of sock yarn landed on my doorstep this morning

Bells said...

when you say 'candy bar' do you mean like a mars bar size or a huge block of chocolate size? Clarify please!

Love the sock photo!

And the sekhmet photo is one of the best you've taken.

Amy Lane said...

Too much weight loss in a week wrecks your metabolism... you're doing fine. And socks on your hands ARE SO cute:-)

Donna Lee said...

My cat decided to help me wind a ball of yarn. Since I do this by hand, I need someone to be my swift. No one was around and I made the mistake of just laying it on the bed (NEVER AGAIN). The cat found this infinitely amusing and now I have a terrible tangle of yarn. Very Fortunately, my husband loves puzzles and is untangling it a little at a time. In a few days, I will have a nice ball of sock yarn waiting to be made into beautiful colorful socks.

Alwen said...

Half a candy bar is a binge? Guess I better not confess to the box of Little Debbies, then.

I love those spirals. Is that square graph paper or knitting graph paper?

I just love the look on the child's face with the socks on her hands. What a cutie!

Alwen said...

And besides, chocolate is gooood for you. I think it was Discover that had an article about theobromine being better for teeth than fluoride. You probably needed some flavanols or something.

I'm on the Boring Diet. I eat mostly the same things all the time, and after a while you really only want "enough".

Partly, it's all this variety we swim in, in modern times, that makes us eat so much.

Lisa said...

half a candy bar is nothing! I second the comment that it is good for you, I eat a piece of chocolate (or two) everyday to get my fix and the special anti-oxidants or whatever they say dark chocolate has...keeps me sane, keeps me happy. Never fully ban a food item or you'll end up caving, binging and/or and feeling guilty. Guilt is never a good motivator. I just try to exercise regularly to balance it out.

("piece of chocolate": chocolate of any size...Dove bite-size to slice of cake)

roz said...

you're doing great. and if you didn't rip out the tut tut yoke, your quest for perfection would be severely undermined.

eat the damn chocolate already! it's good for you.

Sarah said...

Do you have mittens? Pull them out and she may wear them instead of socks. At least thats what my bunch does, especially when they are "cooking" :D